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Jul 30, 2001 02:41 AM

good Sunday brunch at or near SFO?

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Favorite relatives will be in town for just a few hours on a late Sunday morning. Any recommendations for a pretty good brunch at or close to the SF airport?

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  1. I've had Sunday brunches at the Hyatt in Burlingame which is just down the road from SFO. They have quite a selection of food and it's pretty good too. I don't remember what they charge for it.

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      I always head to Hong Kong Flower Lounge, at the corner of El Camino and Millbrae Ave in Millbrae (about 4 minutes from SFO). Upscale dim sum for sure, but it's huge, fun, and very good. Don't miss the spinach dumplings and the mango pudding. Also just north on El Camino is Fook Yuen, lower key place but extremely friendly.

    2. Anytime we are near the airport in the morning we try to stop by Joann's. One of the best breakfast places around.

      JoAnn's Cafe

      1131 El Camino Real (at Westborough), South San Francisco

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      1. re: Susan Blair

        How long is the wait on a Sunday?

        Here's another vote for JoAnn's (link below).


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          Have not waited more than 1/2 hour - 45 min. There is no inside "waiting area" though and people just kind of congregate outside waiting for their names to be called.

        2. re: Susan Blair

          ditto on JoAnn's. Very enjoyable...good muffins, I've enjoyed a Mexican type scramble or was it an omelette? you won't go away hungry. 50's diner like atmosphere.