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Jul 30, 2001 02:10 AM

pho in SF chinatown

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i don't see much discussion of pho here. it is a basic dish that is rarely done well.
i ate some excellent pho the other day at Golden Flower on Jackson (near grant) in SF's Chinatown. A rich broth, not fortified with salt like so many other places, and fresh noodles and meats.
and it's open 12 hours, from 9:30 a.m. on.

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  1. If you don't mind me giving recommendations, i suggest the the pho place on broadway between stockton and columbus(Again i do not remember the name but its a couple of stores down towards columbus from Hing Lung). I think the soup there is better than golden flower. And for some really good pho, Them Ky in Tenderloin is really good and Tu Lan on sixth and market is excellent.

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      The place on Broadway is My Canh, haven't tried it myself.

    2. The Golden Star (?) has really good pho and Vietnamese rice dishes and noodles. It's on an alley right across the street from Portsmouth Square, near Empress of China. The wait can be long and the service isn't the greatest, but the pork chop with fried egg over rice is to die for!

      1. I never eat non-Chinese food in Chinatown.

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          that's the CONVENTIONAL wisdom, isn't it? that's why i was surprised.

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            To my surprise, now we see some non-Chinese food in San Francisco's Chinatown, like a sushi restaurant.