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Jul 29, 2001 03:30 PM

Mexican dried mango

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one of steve's friends just got back from mexico bringing with him some unbelievable dried mango that i haven't been able to stop eating. i haven't ever seen it at casa lucas which is where i usually do my latin grocery shopping. does anyone know where i can find it? it's sliced very, very thinly and has that intense mango flavor that i remember so well from our time down there.

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    Brandon Nelson

    Hey 'Chel!

    Dried mango on its own is a pretty easy find. Most supermarkets have it in some form, whether it's sold bulk or packaged. The Sonoma Fruit Basket (on 121 a couple miles north of Sears point) has my favorite. If you dig dried mango you should give dried cantaloupe a go. Theae was a thread on this board about it a while ago.


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      i wondered if you'd catch this for me! i wonder if there's something different about these mangoes. they seem extra specail and bursting with mango flavor, not at all like the somewhat chalky hunks of dried mango and papaya i seem to see at may wah on clement. if i get up that way i'll certainly check out your suggestion. nice to hear from you,


      ps. are you a secret part of my family i just didn't know about? they're the only ones who call me shell! (but i love it)

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        Brandon Nelson

        Long lost pups from the same Chowhound litter?

        Could be!

        I have some thoughts on the mango situation, but no hard facts. First it's my guess that the fresher they are the better that they will taste. I have had some dried mango that is brick hard and awful, and some that has a texture similar to jelly beans. Second would be the variety of fruit used. Mangoes are the most eaten fruit on the planet. There are tons of different varieties, and we see few of them here in the states. If you get the opportunity try the Sonoma fruit basket. Pick the fruit that is the darkest orange and feels tender rather than rock hard.

        I guess the best option would be to try drying you own stash. That way you can control some of the variables. I have set out to do it a couple times myself, but fresh mangoes just don't last that long around my house!


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          so brother pup, i have done many things with mangoes, and many things have i dried, but ner the two together. so maybe after my week of canning i'll give it a go. thanks for all the info.