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Jul 28, 2004 03:11 PM

Hawaiian food?

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Does anyone know if there is any Hawaiian food at all in this area? I know that Lehua Hawaii bakery is gone but I saw that a "Honolulu Grill" is opening at the Fair City Mall. Does anyone know if the restaurant is going to feature Hawaiian (or Hawaiian fusion) food or will it be another lame attempt at Polynesian aka bad Chinese?

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  1. Your best bet is Fins in Crofton, MD. Fairly new, but actually worth the drive. We recently did a Hawaian theme dinner with friends, and we always try to do a restaurant too. Our friends were pleasantly surprized. It's the only Hawaiian place I know of in the DC area.

    It's about 3-4 miles north of Rt. 50, past Bowie.

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      Here's their webpage.

      Their food is unique, in their flavors, but not all entrees are good. Avoid their Huli Huli ribs and their coconut shrimp. I did their price fixe menu last month and it wasn't good. Also, their mango creme brulee was regular creme brulee with mango slices on the side. The creme brulee was cold. Also, the avocado in the california rolls were not ripe.

      Also, I was surprised when I realized that they offer sushi, but don't have a sushi bar. Their ahi tuna and their beef are good though.

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        Thanks for the info! I'll check out that link.

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          While we are on the subject of Fins, I had cream of crab soup and a crabcake there the other day. The soup was great, it had a nice spicy flavor with pieces of king crab in it. The crabcake was also very good, lumps of crabmeat with virtually no filler, nicely flavored.

          The lunchtime waitstaff needs some training, however.

      2. Whoa - that place in Oxon Hill has closed?!?!

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          Yes - I couldn't find them listed in the phone book and asked an acquaintence in Inouye's office. They're no longer in business.

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            I did some googling on Lehua - found a website from the woman who used to run Lehua (for 8 years), she moved to VA & now runs a catering business, called Makoka...

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              Wow - I googled, too, and didn't find anything. Do you have a link or is that all the information that that site mentioned?

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                And here's the link, for anybody looking for some Hawaiian chow.


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                  suburban chowhound

                  Thanks for the info - I have been lamenting the loss of Lehua Bakery - and was so excited to hear about Makakoa! I used to work for Senator Inouye - and loved the plate lunches we got from Lehua - they had the BEST manapuas! Thanks for bringing back some great memories!

        2. There is a Roy's on Aliceanna Street in Baltimore. It is chain restaurant. I had great food at one in Florida, but I can't speak to its authenticity.