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Jul 29, 2001 01:56 AM

Preserved Hebei apples & pears?

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Jerome asked:

"Does anyone know where one can find preserved Hebei apples and pears, Pingguofu or Lifu? I
posted on the LA board but no one seems to know."

I don't even know what those are. Hopefully someone here will be able to help you. There's a place called Wonderful Foods that's known for its selection of dried fruits.


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  1. hmm i have a strange feeling it is not this but i will bring it up anyways... Since i hear the mentioning of "preserved" apples and pears, my chinese snacks cravings flew off to those little bags of dried apples and dried pears i have encountered in hong kong. But thats as close as i can think of about preserved fruits. Although Vietnamese people does have preserved fruits such as preserved lemon, they are used for drinks and soups mainly.

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      Actually, they are lightly glaceed fruits. If you go to Beijing, the Dongfeng market has stands that specialize in these fruits. They have a smooth texture and aren't crystalline like the french fruits. They're a bit chewy and still have a great deal of the flavor of the fruit (they also do apricot, melon, arbutus (yang mei), peach etc. but only the apple and pear were exported, I believe).
      They are not like the southern chinese preserved plums, olives, etc. that are salted and have lots of anise.
      Thank you Melanie for the set up of the link. You're very kind.

      1. re: jerome
        Melnaie Wong

        Thanks for the explanation. Could be worth a call to Wonderful foods. Keep us posted on your quest.