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Jul 29, 2001 01:46 AM

Peking Roast Duck

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We've had lots of recent requests and suggestions for Northern Chinese dishes. But none have been recommended for Peking Roast Duck. We're looking for the multi-course duck dinner, served with pancakes and sweet bean sauce. Who do you think makes a great version?


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  1. I must admit that this has been the bain of my time in SFO. No decent duck! There is absolutely nothing here that comes close to authentic Bei Jing kao ya...I mean as served in Bei Jing! but a Chinese friend from Taiwan did tell me that there was a place in Fremont that was definately in the running. He has gone to Malaysia but I will be speaking with him soon and will pass the name of this restaurant to you.From my experience a good duck banquet should have at least two crucial courses: duckmeat and crispy skin served with pancakes,bean sauce and spring onions; followed by soup made from duck bones and man tou.

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    1. re: Panpan

      There are many decent ducks, just not Peking style. (g)

      It would be a great service to the local chowhound community if you could follow up this lead. I look forward to your dining report!

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Perhaps it was a Cantonese interpretation, but the very first and most memorable Peking Duck I ever had was many years ago at Johnny Kan's where it was served with 1000-layer buns. I never was able to accept the pancakes as a substitute for that fantastic taste memory.

        1. re: Fine

          I, too, have fond memories of Kan's.