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Jul 28, 2001 05:10 PM

Truly fine dining

  • j

I'd like to post a personal rave here for the restaurant I dined in with two good friends last night.

Not only was the food extraordinarily good, well prepared and presented, but the service was outstanding. I can't do it justice, just trust me on this one, it was the best meal I've had in the city in some time.

Fried Smelt, Calamari Salad with Fava Beans, Lobster Cakes with an amazing red pepper marmalade, lamb chops to die for.

If you're in SF and you haven't been to Kokkari yet, you are really missing something.
If you live out of the area, make it a point to make a reservation the next time you're here.

Heck, take me too!

Janet Fouts


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  1. I agree with you about Kokkari. I had the smelts and lamb chops also and thought they were excellent as was the service. However, there have been some dissenting opinions on this board awhile ago.

    1. Welcome to Chowhound, Janet! In case you're wondering what controversy Kit H. was referring to, here's a link to an earlier thread with widely varying opinions of the place.


      1. j
        Jo Lynne Lockley

        I was fortunate enough to be one of those friends. The food was exquisite. We left near to bursting. I need to know the name of that dessert wine. The snapper took the first prize, but smelt and wine would have been enough. The octopus salad merits special mention. I haven't had service like that in this town. It also happens to be a glamorous place with just the right amount of "energy". I would add it to the list of top four. (previously 3).