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big korean supermarket

damon Jul 28, 2001 08:56 AM

anyone know where in the bay area i can find a large Korean grocery store? the ones along geary in SF are rather small and grotty.

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    Roland RE: damon Jul 29, 2001 07:08 PM

    There are a few in Sunnyvale along El Camino. There is sorta a small Korean cluster of shops and restaurants there, but it seems to be the biggest I've seen in the bay area.

    1. h
      Hiko Ikeda RE: damon Jul 31, 2001 01:06 PM

      In last winter the San Francisco Chronicle had an article about the Bay Area's Korean supermarkets.

      This is not Los Angeles. There are not many Korean grocery stores.

      Link: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article...

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      1. re: Hiko Ikeda
        seymore eglet RE: Hiko Ikeda Aug 1, 2001 09:42 PM

        There is a rather larger korean supermarket in Oakland on Telegraph, a couple of blocks above Grand Ave. It has EVERYTHING. The space resembles a smaller Safeway.

        1. re: Hiko Ikeda
          damon RE: Hiko Ikeda Aug 4, 2001 06:15 PM

          and.....? (so what did they find out?)

        2. w
          wonki RE: damon Jul 31, 2001 03:30 PM

          yeah, sunnyvale's where we go. take the lawrence expressway exit off 101 and head towards el camino. make a left and a few blocks down on your left on the corner is the kyopo supermarket. that's where we go.

          another block down in a small shopping center is a place that specializes in panchan (those little side dishes). it's called imonae panchan. there are others, but i don't know the names or locations. good luck.


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