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Jul 28, 2001 08:56 AM

big korean supermarket

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anyone know where in the bay area i can find a large Korean grocery store? the ones along geary in SF are rather small and grotty.

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  1. There are a few in Sunnyvale along El Camino. There is sorta a small Korean cluster of shops and restaurants there, but it seems to be the biggest I've seen in the bay area.

    1. In last winter the San Francisco Chronicle had an article about the Bay Area's Korean supermarkets.

      This is not Los Angeles. There are not many Korean grocery stores.


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        seymore eglet

        There is a rather larger korean supermarket in Oakland on Telegraph, a couple of blocks above Grand Ave. It has EVERYTHING. The space resembles a smaller Safeway.

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          and.....? (so what did they find out?)

        2. yeah, sunnyvale's where we go. take the lawrence expressway exit off 101 and head towards el camino. make a left and a few blocks down on your left on the corner is the kyopo supermarket. that's where we go.

          another block down in a small shopping center is a place that specializes in panchan (those little side dishes). it's called imonae panchan. there are others, but i don't know the names or locations. good luck.