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Jul 22, 2004 02:47 PM

Where to buy sausage casings?

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Hi, I like to make my own sausage and I've been using mail-ordered reconstituted animal-collagen casings, but I'd like to find a local source for natural (i.e., intestines) casings. I live in Hyattsville. I would go as far as I need to go, but obviously, the closer the better. Any help?

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  1. Ever since the French Market in Georgetown closed (oh so many years ago) I have not been able to find a local source for casings. I have had luck ordering them. The last time I bought them was from Syracuse Casing (see link below), they were pretty good.

    Link: http://www.northamericanhogcasing.eme...

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      Litteri's - 57 Morse St NE - DC

      (Call to check if they're still available - 202-544-0183)

    2. I have not found a good local source. I have been using the mail order source below for natural casings (hog and sheep) for the last couple of years.


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        I've heard mixed things about how well natural casings keep, so I was skeptical about mail-ordering them. I take it this is not a problem, though?

        Has anybody else tried the man-made collagen casings? I'm pretty new to sausage making, so the problem may be my technique, but they seem to break very easily.

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          I only use the natural casings (packed in salt they seem to last MANY months!). I too have found that collagen casings are too fagile for my use.

      2. Today's food section mentioned that you can get casings from your butcher. I used to when Mel at Picadeli was still alive. Anybody have luck with this recently? I've asked both Ecofriendly foods and the Organic Butcher in McLean, both of whom referred me to online sources. I called Litterias as suggested above, and they do carry them. Has anybody used them?

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          I bought Litteri's casings about a year ago, they are in the fridge there on the left when you walk back to the deli counter. They are this brand:

          They work fine. Be sure to give them a good soaking to get the salt out.

        2. Litteri's makes their own sausage in house every day. Ask the guys behind the counter about the casings since they probably use them themselves when they make the sausage.
          Their Italian sausage is terrific. Hot or mild. The real thing.

          1. I was just about to ask this kitchen aid mixer food grinder attachment is arriving tomorrow. But I'm over in MD near BWI. Anybody have a source closer to Baltimore? I know I can do mail order, but it'd be nice to just run out and pick some up.