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Jul 28, 2001 12:13 AM

Food, Food, Food!

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, I'm am please asking for place's to eat near the Marines Memorial Theater. I relize, my past response was to vague. Would be very nice if it's in walking distance because of my mother. Can someone please say something! We like most kinds of foods, especially Itialian, German, Seafood, French, Chinese.
Looking for somthing not to high priced, but good food is important, and atmosphere, and pre theater would be a nice addition but not nessesary.

Water view would be really nice.

ease tell!

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  1. There are lots of restaurants in that section of town, unfortunately you won't get a water view. There are many posts already on the board with recommendations for Union Square, I've included a link below to a response that tells you how to find them.

    One place that I've enjoyed is Scala's on Powell Street and I see that's mentioned a few times in these other posts.

    If you have questions on specific places mentioned, ask away. Good luck!


    1. Okay, I'll let you in on my theater district secret: Christophe's Restaurant (405 Mason, just a few steps up Mason from the corner of Geary). The restaurant is upstairs (they have an elevator if stairs are a problem) so it has a very low profile. California/French food in a very pretty, reasonably quiet and comfortable setting.

      The food is good, if not exceptional, and service is paced for theater goers. Reasonably priced (especially if you order the pre-theater prix fixe menu).