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Jul 27, 2001 09:39 PM

Indonesian restaurant downtown SF

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I haven't had much indonesian food before, but what I did have in the past was just okay. Lots of satay and indonesian rice dishes.

Then I went to "Borobudur-Taste of the Spice Islands" at 700 Post Street at Jones. 415-775-1512. Yummy, great service and really nice decor. There were two of us so we only tried three things. Next time I want to go with a group so I can try more dishes, because there are about 60 dishes on the menu. What we did try was: Roti Prata, grilled bread, alot like nan, but with a curry dip--really got the taste buds working. Then Cumi Bakar-marinated and grilled squid with a great tamarind/pepper sauce.To die for-chewey-crunchy with a bit of the burnt grill taste. Then we had a very fresh veggie dish: Bakmi goreng, chow mein-type noodles with a lite curry sauce and fried egg. It was $10 each-so quite a good price for downtown, plus we had great leftovers. I couldn't wait until lunchtime the next day!

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  1. The roti is my favorite dish here. What's special about it are the many layers and the way they fold it into a flower shape on the plate. The curry sauce is average, but oh that roti!

    1. How many Indonesian restaurants in San Francisco? I do not find many.

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        We have enjoyed Jakarta on Balboa near 6th Ave. Haven't been there in quite a while, but I remember liking the lamb dishes a lot.