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Jul 27, 2001 05:08 PM

Wonderful Food in Fremont?

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Hi there--
does anyone know of a great place to eat in Fremont or someplace close to Fremont? I'd be bringing a group of about 20... it would be for a rehearsal dinner and I'd love to have some fabulous food rather than regular group food swill.

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  1. Focusing on finer dining establishments, Spin-a-yarn (on Warm Springs just north of Mission) is the first thing that comes to mind...unfortunately I've never been there, but the Italian restaurant is always crowded everytime I drive by. Worth looking into. Furama is a Chinese restaurant also nearby, and they should also be able to accommodate your party. Their food is also quite good, but its somewhat posher atmosphere vis-a-vis typical Chinese restaurants is reflected in slightly higher prices. I've heard Nijo Castle in Newark (near the Hilton) is decent, but I've also never been there and don't know if they can easily accommodate 20.