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Jul 15, 2004 10:01 PM

Max's in Wheaton, HORRIBLE!!

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I just went to Max's in Wheaton after hearing numerous reccomendations on this board.

I walked in with a shwarma/gyro craving. They had a 1/2 ($4.95), a full ($6.95) and a shwarma platter (can't remember but more expensive.)

It was overpriced. I mean $4.95 for HALF a piece of pita bread and a little meat? Come on.

So I ask, what is included with the platter. (is it salad, sides, or what) and the guy can't speak English well enough to answer after 3 attempts and send me to the falafel counter where I proceed to ask. They can't answer the question either. Oh well. So I order a "full" shwarma. During all this, I neglected to add, that the staff at Max's was horribly rude and insensitive.

The sandwich itself is dripping with tablespoons of oil and the salad parts are not very tasty or fresh. The salads themselves don't look very fresh or very authentic. I've had significantly better, fresher and more intricately spiced sandwiches with double the meat at complete hole in the walls in NYC for $4.00.

I'd also have to say that the Lebanese Taverna in Rockville is a much better & tastier bet than this overrated and overpriced place that is better known as a local hangout for the local Jewish population than a good place for falafel or shwarma.

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  1. Kosher food tends to be expensive...sometimes much more expensive than non-kosher alternatives.

    I've never experienced the staff as being rude or unfriendly. As far as it not being authentic...I'm wondering, what are you comparing it to? To me it's pretty close to what I saw in Israel.


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      First, let me say that my name is deceiving - I only keep kosher at home, so I am quite aware of what's out there in terms of food and service in this region. I have been to Max's a few times and have these thoughts: the falafel/shwarma itself is no better than anywhere else, it's the toppings that make it authentic Israeli. The service and attitude is also authentic, read: not helpful and rude. Yes, it is more expensive because it is kosher. And finally, they are not good business people. How do I know? If they were, they would try to cater to non-kosher keeping folks (speak English, make the atmosphere nicer, etc). Instead, they are following the model of every kosher establishment that I have ever been to, which is "the customers don't have any choice, so I can charge what I want and have awful atmosphere and quality because they'll come anyway." Thanks for letting me vent.

      1. re: Kosher Goose

        I guess that was my mistake then. I just look for good shwarma and falafel. I'm not jewish/israeli and could care less if its kosher or not.

        I'm just comparing to what I have had in the Middle East and Europe, or even New York. So in comparison, I didn't see what the raves were about. But I guess if you seek KOSHER food, then it's the place to be!

        But since I'm not jewish/israeli, i felt the atmosphere/service was pretty unwelcoming. Just my 2 cents.

        1. re: Bob99

          nevermind - I see how old this post is.

          1. re: Bob99

            Old post, but I'll add my two cents for the heck of it.

            As far as rudeness, it's not overly gracious, but it's to the point. I wouldn't say rude. I had my answer to the difference of the full sandwich and the plate answered with "More food". And you know - the guy was right! Everyone was (meaning the guys behind the toppings bar and the other patrons were just fine - no problems there at all).

            As far as prices, I'd say compare with Amsterdam Falafel for one thing. It's on par, especially for what you get, and the guys behind the toppings bar can take general directions and turn out a great plate of food (I like spicy, sour, etc.).

            Amsterdam Falafelshop
            2425 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

            1. re: Dennis S

              I've never had any problems with service at Max's. The only problem I've ever had is eating my felafel without ending up looking like a complete mess.

              One tip: Last time I tried the platter instead of my usual sandwich. I'm going back to the sandwich. The platter didn't seem to have that much more food, and the beauty of the sandwich is the variety of tastes you get in every bite. Didn't get that with the platter.

              1. re: Bob W

                The falafel and schwarma at max's is a close as you get to authentic Israeli falafel stand and I couldn't disagree more on the quality of ingredients or the friendliness of the staff.