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Jul 26, 2001 11:40 AM

Lo mein in bay area

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Hi, Can anyone please tell me where to find a chinese restaurant which serves lo mein in the bay area. I moved from delaware. There i used to frequent a wonderful restaurant that served delicious lo mein. But i am unable to find any such place here. Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

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  1. There is no such thing as "lo mein" in the West. The chow mein that you are used to is a corruption of "Hong Kong style chow mein." Since it was difficult to find fresh HK style noodles in the East, commercial mfrs created a canned or packaged "fried noodle", often referred to as "crispy noodle". If you order "chow mein" with pan fried noodles, you will get something similar to what you know as "lo mein". That is soft noodles pan fried with meat, fish and/or vegetables. If you order HK style, the noodles are pre-fried into a sort of crispy cake, and the meat/veg mix served on top. HK noodles are thin; Shanghai noodles are thick. For a real treat, go to a place like San Wong (Sam Wang, etc) on Post street in Japantown and get the hand pulled noodle chow mein. For something different, go to the Racha (Thai) on Eddy st near Polk in SF and get the rice noodles with broccoli and shrimp in thick soy sauce.

    1. Welcome to the Bay Area!

      Lo mein means braised noodles in Cantonese. A typical offering on a local menu would be braised noodles with scallions which is served with a cup of soup on the side. However, I suspect that what you crave is something different. Maybe you could help us out by describing what you knew as lo mein.

      Also, we have several Rachels who post on this site. Could you add your last name or pick a more distinctive handle so that we can easily tell who we're talking with? Thanks.