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Jul 26, 2001 03:23 AM

Khan toke, Ambient but uneventful

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I visited Khan Toke on Geary Street, with friends the other night. Whilst the furnishings were impressive the food was not. Im not sure what the US standard for Thai food is, as I have mostly eaten it in Asia and Australia, but I would have to say that what this restaurant serves is truly adulterated..that is watered down in taste, if not ingredients. The Tom Yum was laughable:virtually no heat and little depth of flavour, and I could make a better green chicken curry myself....Its quite a shame really given the decor.

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  1. Welcome to the sad state of Thai food in the Bay Area, one of our frequent laments (link below). Khan Toke is beautiful though.

    You might do a search on the chowhound main page for mention of the Berkeley Thai temple Sunday lunches. Seems to be the best bet around.


    1. I think Khan Toke is also variable, depending on what you get. I remember a trip where I thought the calamari salad was very good, but on another visit, things were only so-so. I haven't had any Thai here that is nearly as good as the stuff I get back home in Singapore, but unless I'm missing some place obvious Thep Phanom is about as good as it gets in SF.

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        Another South Bay tip: Krung Thai (2 locations on Winchester Blvd in San Jose) is a wonderful Thai restaurant very reminiscent of the food I ate in Bangkok and the southern islands. They maintain fabulous quality standards while doing tremendous volume. The soups and curries are complex and silky (not quite as hot as you would find in Thailand) and the crabmeat fried rice is a greaseless and flavorful wonder, packed with generous quantities of crabmeat.
        I think good quality Thai exiat in the Bay Area but you may have to go out of your usual pathways and haunts to find it.

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          There are so many better Thai houses in SF. Khan Toke is rated strictly for the ambiance and not the food in my opinion.

          how about Thanya and Salee on Potrero hill?

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            Janet, I'm not sure how to translate marvvy into a deliciousness experience. Part of the issue with Asian restaurants that have extensive menus is spottiness in execution. What's your favorite dish at Thanya and Salee?