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Jul 5, 2004 10:44 AM

Crabs? to take home bmore

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I have a hankerin for some crabs but want to eat on my porch. Where in B-more are your favorite take out crab shacks or side of the road guys.

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  1. We always go to Hales on Taylor at Perring Pkwy north of the city cuz it's close to my parents place. In fact we just got a 1/2 bushel of large jimmies there on Saturday; $70. Nice, meaty crabs and definitely the best price around for a holiday weekend. They offer them year round so may be Gulf crabs; dunno if they supplement with Bay crabs in season.

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      Hales is actually at Taylor Ave. and Oakleigh Ave., a block or so west of Perring Pkwy.

      Hales' crabs were pretty good back in the 1970s when I lived around there. I haven't had them recently.

      Nowadays, I live in the city near Fells Point and Canton, and I get crabs at Chris's Seafood at S. Montford Ave. and Fait Ave.

      I personally don't have a problem with Gulf crabs...they just don't cook them properly where they come from.

    2. Someone recently raved about LP Steamers. Here's the link, but I have never been.


      1. Chris Seafood in Fells Point has a reliable source of really good crabs. They are out-of-town crabs however (in order to have them year round).

        1. Definately Chris's in Canton and Hales in Parkville - also Ollie Becks on Belair Road near Moravia. LP Steamers I have never been impressed with.

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            Hon- Can you preorder bushels of crabs from either Hales or Ollie Becks? I am moving to the area (this week in fact) and need to find a good take out place that allows you to pre-order crabs. I stopped by Crabby Cousins on Harford and they told me that they took preorders but "couldn't guarantee" that I would get them. A bit inconvenient when you are planning a gathering around crabs! I used to get crabs from Sea King and could always trust that I was getting them... i am seeking the same in my new "hood"!! Thanks!

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              I have never gotten bushels from them but I would call and ask, I am pretty sure Hales does!
              There is a new place on Joppa Road near Loch Raven that I am impressed with, Conrads:

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                Ollie Beck's has been closed for a while now.

            2. The Sea Hut on Frederick Rd in Catonsville, they steam to order. Always have gotten great crabs here.