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Jul 25, 2001 05:11 PM

4th & market

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Any suggestions for inexpensive quick lunches around the 4th and market (SF) area?

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  1. Punjab Kabab House is 1.5 blocks away at 101 Eddy (cross street is Mason). Walk west on Market Street until Fifth Street. Turn right, walk 1 minute and you are there! The neighborhood is okay in the daytime, though grungy. The restaurant is nice enough to eat in, or you can call ahead for takeout 447 7499.

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      Tu Lan is on 6th St just south of Market. Delicious Vietnamese in a borderline dice-y stretch.

      1. re: MarkB

        I've been to Tu Lan a few times and can vouch that the food is good and cheap. If you can forgive the lack of atmosphere and homeless guys hanging around, it's worth a try. I've read that even Julia Child paid a visit there. If you're in for Mexican food, right around the corner is Taqueria Cancun which serves up a huge burrito. The carne asada plate is good too.