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Jul 25, 2001 05:07 PM

Golden Boy Pizza, SF

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All this talk about pizza shook one of my favorites loose. About a year ago I had multiple problems with my Powerbook that required a few trips to the repair shop. My grumbling stopped when I discovered that it was next door to Golden Boy! I'd eat a piece in, then take one home for dinner.

Golden Boy Pizza in North Beach (542 Green St., SF, 415.982.9738) has been around forever serving squared off pieces of thick crusted pie from rectangular trays. The crust is light and airy, yet with a satisfying chew and the toppings are top quality. My favorite is the pesto veggie combo. The counter-staff are multiply-pierced but kindly quirky if you choose to eat at the bar.

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    Randy Salenfriend

    Oh yes Melanie. Were I to be limited to only one slice of my choice,it would be the pesto veggie at Golden Boy. Years ago prior to relocating to San Francisco, I happened upon Golden Boy while exploring North Beach. Any hungry hound that strolls by the window with fresh slices displayed at an angle on the sheet pans would be hard pressed to keep walking. Mmmmm, so good, so fresh,so North Beach.

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      I first discovered it when a friend moved to an apartment on Green St some 20+ years ago. So many new things to try in SF, I'd not been back very often until my computer woes.

      Fwiw, the service at Apple authorized repair center next door is good too.

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        Randy Salenfriend

        So that you could avoid any "spam" on your pizza.

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        personally not a big fan of Golden Boy. My friends who work there would kill me if they knew I said it. But I've always thought that they make crappy pie. some people love it, which always amazes me. for the money, I would head to Tommaso's. Viva also turns out a decent pie for North Beach. North Beach Pizza. forget it. You know why they put on so much cheese? its because there sauce stinks. I used to buy their dough for three bucks and make my own pie at home. and as far as Liguria's bakery goes. don't miss it. This place is an institution !! the foccacia cant be beat. there is something to be said about doing one thing and doing it well...

      3. Sounds exactly like the kind of pizza I've been searching for here in the Los Angeles area. Old-fashioned pies like that have all but disappeared, as have the people who know how to make them. If there are any here like Golden Boy's, I hope I find one soon....the quest continues.

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          Good luck to you! If you end up flying here for this style pizza, you should also stop by Liguria Bakery in North Beach for some focaccia to take home.