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Jun 29, 2004 06:25 AM

Shrimp paste

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I'm looking for Singapore, Malaysian style shrimp paste, I believe it's also called blachen or brachen.
Anyone knows where can I find it. Thanks.

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  1. You should be able to buy it at any big Asian market. I bought a jar at a Korean supermarket in Northern Virginia. It may or may not have been Lotte in Fairfax--at any rate, any of those big places should have it, in the Vietnamese/Thai/general Southeast Asian aisle.

    1. It is also called Belacan. American Chinese restaurants that use it also call it malay sauce and people in the Philippines call it Bagoong and the Thais call it Kapi or Gapi. It is a very strong flavored primarily dry paste that is never eaten straight (though it is sometimes tossed in with fried rice). Most often you will see it served fried and mixed with lime juice, palm sugar, garlic and/or shallots. I use a wet paste fried this way in oil with lime juice, minced hot peppers, shallots and palm sugar and spoon it over chinese pan fried squid. This stuff absolutely rocks. It is a principal ingredient in most thai curry pastes where it adds a lot of depth of flavor. But this stuff is VERY strong in both smell and flavor. The brand I use is called Twin Chicken and it has Thai writing all over the container and has a wax seal over the paste inside to keep it fresh
      Once you break that seal, you should keep the tub in the refrigerator. I buy mine at a local Asian market (you won't find this in any American grocery store). You can also get it here: