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Jul 24, 2001 01:15 PM

Ferry Building Farmers Market info (lots)

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I just found a wonderful link for those who want to know what's available at the SF Ferry Building Farmers' Market. This page was last updated on July 21, and I think it's updated regularly (perhaps weekly.) It lists each vendor, what they sell and the current prices. The list is quite specific -- produce is listed by variety in most cases.

Here's the link:


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  1. i had to quit looking-the list is so impressive i just wanted to be there and can't stand the thought of having to buy produce anywhere else. thanks for linking us up nancy.

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    1. re: Rochelle

      If anyone wants even more info on selected vendors, here's a link to the Saturday Market site. I learned of this site by attending Ditty's slide presentation recently on farmers' markets and vegetable distribution in China.


      1. re: Melanie Wong

        The only problem with this site, Melanie, is that Ditty hasn't updated it since May, 2000, I think, and there have been many changes in the market since then. That's why I listed the market's official site instead of hers.

        1. re: Nancy Berry

          Yes, that's true. But the two sites provide different kinds of info. The "official site" can serve as a shopping list for what's available now, whereas Ditty's site gives in-depth profiles of the farmers behind the food and their personal stories. For me, that connection to the people who grow our food is a big part of why I shop at farmers markets.

      2. re: Rochelle

        I live at 11th & Harrison, so the UN Plaza Farmer's is much more convenient -- even though the produce isn't as good.

        This past weekend, I was SHOCKED to find exceptional Ahi Tuna for... $3/lb. Yes, $3 -- it's not a typo.

        I ate sashimi until I almost choked. I couldn't believe the quality -- I thought it was going to be grill fish until I got a taste of it raw!