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Jun 23, 2004 02:45 PM

good things to eat, Dupont Circle

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Spending a week in/around Dupont; can anyone suggest good places to eat? Low to mid price ranges, all cuisines (esp. ethnic).

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  1. For breakfast and lunch, go to Teaism and the Luna Grill & Diner. For dinner, I like Pizzeria Paradiso and Johnny's Half Shell. If you want a massively extravagant Sunday brunch, there's Gabriel in the Radisson Barcelo Hotel.

    There are people on this board who can't stand Raku (Asian noodles) or City Lights of China, and while they may be a bit overrated I've never had a bad meal at either place.

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      Raku in bethesda is a standout. raku in dupont is awful. If you're looking for dupont pan-asian, then try oodles noodles/nooshi on 19th. They have an all-you can eat sushi happy hour for a reasonable price, as well.

      Other good eats- Malaysia Kopitiam, Sushi Taro. Nora, Dupont Grille, Vidalia are good for formal dining. Bagels Etc on P has tasty bagels and eats- I'm addicted to the turkey & avocado on bialy, and they have surprisingly good coffee. Marvelous market is a good place to pick up a quick nosh, but I find their coffee undrinkable. Kramers is good for books and people-watching. Teaism and Pizzaria Paradisio, as mentioned, are fantastic. DC Cafe for falafel at 3:30am.

      Wander up to Adams Morgan for a lot of ethnic food and nightlife- such as Ethiopian [Awash, Meskerem], or Crepes [I prefer Chez Antoine to L'enfant]. Santa Rosa Seafood and Mixtek. The Diner, for more people-watching, and a burger or pancakes at any hour.

    2. Pizza on the patio of Sette Osteria; Sushi at Sakana; Malaysia Kopitiam; tea cured salmon bento, oatmeal cookies, and a cup of assam at Teaism. Corned beef on rye from C.F. Folks (lunchtime on weekdays only).

      1. There's a Moby Dick (kebabs) near Dupont Circle.


        1. One of my favorite lo-cost asian places is near Dupont:

          Pan-Asian Noodle Shop, 2020 P St. NW, upstairs (over a mediocre Chinese spot)- on the block accross the street from Pizzeria Paradiso.

          The food is freshly made and full of flavor. Its very crowded at lunch (very popular with the non-profit crowd), but a pleasure to go to for dinner, on a weekend or for take-out.

          They have an excellent noodle soup, delicious drunken noodles, and tons of daily specials from all over Asia.

          You should be able to eat well here for under 10 bucks.



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            I could be mistaken, but I think the Pan-Asian noodle shop closed and has been replaced by a restaurant called Cocoa.

          2. I'm a huge fan of Thai Chef at 1712 Connecticut Avenue. Never had a bad meal there and they have sushi as well. Sushi can be a bit pricier but they have good happy hour specials. Two standout Thai dishes for me are the three flavor chicken (spicy!) and the spicy, charcoal grilled pork. I can't think of the name of it but it's addictive. Comes with a sour tamarind sauce and it's my favorite dish there.

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              I'll second Thai Chef. Been there a bunch of times over the past few months and it's been pretty good. You can add a soup, small spring roll and salad to any lunch for $2. Decent meal at a decent price.