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Jul 23, 2001 11:10 PM

Has anyone been to Ma Tante Sumi?

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I heard about this French/Asian Fusion place on 18th St. in the Castro recently. Has anyone been there? Would love to hear any comments about the place.

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    Andrew Raskin

    I was there once about 2 years ago. Unfortunately I can't remember any specifics about the menu, but I do remember thoroughly enjoying it. I also remember that it was run by Japanese folks and was specifically Japanese fusion as opposed to Asian in general.

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    1. re: Andrew Raskin

      I've been to Ma Tante Sumi about 5 times over the past 6 years. It has ranged from sublime to okay, with my more recent experiences tending towards just okay. That has been disappointing. Perhaps the original chefs have left. The sublime dinner was a fish dish called "princess fish" which is no longer on the menu. The restaurant is intimate and quasi elegant. Be prepared to park 4 or more blocks away on a weekend night as parking is tight.

    2. j
      Judith Hurley

      I was there about two years ago. I remember the food as very good (although I can't remember what I ate, so it probably wasn't fabulous), but I remember the setting as lovely -- small, intimate, pretty, very private feel.