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Jul 23, 2001 08:11 PM

A Chowhound weekend

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I have 4 days worth of eating to report so here goes:

Went to Phuping (Thai) in the Pacific East Mall. I'm not usually a fan of tom yum soup but their tom yum shrimp had a pure taste and had just the right amount of sourness. I'd go back just for their duck stir-fried with basil and chile - the sauce was so good that I asked for another bowl of rice. :) So-so pork with green beans in a one-dimensional peanut sauce. We were surprised to see Kahlua creme brulee on their dessert menu so we tried it. It wasn't rich enough for my taste, more of a mousse or pudding. And the alcohol flavor was too strong.

Picked up take-out sushi at Yum-Yum sushi (Judah and 23rd) for dinner Friday. I'll definitely have to go back! Now that I'm working near there, it'll be a great place to pick up dinner. I only tried their rolls, no sashimi. Delicious dragon roll. I liked their grilled salmon roll, as well.

Saturday lunch at Silken Tofu House in Santa Clara, in Koreatown on El Camino Real. They have the best gal-bi I've ever had. Juicy and sweet, and not charred. The tofu soups (mostly tofu with bits of meat or seafood) were pretty good as well. A great deal - a tofu soup and a BBQ item for only $11.99. Enough for 2 to share.

Saturday dinner at Sam Kee, corner of Wolfe and Homestead across from the Cupertino Village. I've never heard this place mentioned on this board but it's my family's standby for Cantonese. We ordered the $108 dinner for 8, which came with a delicious cold cuts platter. Great dried scallop soup with chives (although we had to ask for the chives since it seemed the kitchen forgot to add them). :) Also, salt-and-pepper prawns, fried shrimp roll, beef with sugar snap peas, seafood with gailan, steamed rock cod, crispy chicken. Try their dim sum too if you're in the neighborhood. Overall, consistent Cantonese food for reasonably prices.

We also had Sunday lunch at the new VH Noodle in Pacific East Mall. I didn't like my Chao Chiu rice noodles that much - they can't compare to TK Noodle. But my BF enjoyed his beef ball and beef rice noodle a lot.

Sunday night dinner was Smokehouse on Telegraph in Berkeley for burgers and chili dogs. They were both pretty good but nothing to rave about.

Since I got sick today, I won't be enjoying the taste of my food for a few days. Might as well live through my memories.

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  1. Do you have the exact name and address of this restaurant? I searched for Silken Tofu House on Yahoo Yellow Pages and found 2 non-exact matches on El Camino Real in Santa Clara. One is between Lawrence and Kiely, and the other is slightly further south between San Tomas and Scott, called Gaesung House of Tofu. I've been to the one between Lawrence and Kiely, and they didn't have any BBQ items on their menu. So is the Gaesung House of Tofu the same as Silken Tofu House, or is there another place? Thanks.

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      I looked up Tofu House on Yahoo and didn't come up with the one I went to. I don't have the exact address, but if you head east on El Camino after exiting Lawrence Expressway, it's about a quarter to a half mile down. It's in a strip mall on the left, on a corner. Sorry I wasn't much help. I'll try to look for it next time I'm down there.