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Jun 13, 2004 08:54 PM

Lithuanian Sausage in Baltimore?

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Does anyone sell Lithuanian Sausage in Baltimore? When I was a kid we would have it at holidays. It was called dashiti - although I'm not confident about the spelling.

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  1. Theres a stand in the Fells Point Market called Sophies that is mainly polish but she sells alot of different kinds of sausages and she just might have it or something similar!

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      At the Lithuanian Hall, in Sowebo, maybe?

      1. re: Chris S

        I don't think the Lithuanian Hall sells food generally. I don't know about Lithuanian sausage but my favorite place to buy sausage and kielbasa is Ostrowski's in Fells Point.

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          Thanks for the suggestions!

          I went to Lithuanian Hall last week and they didn't have sausage on the menu - just cheap pizza and buffalo wings. They did have two different Lithuanian beers and a Lithuanian liquor called virytus (flavored with honey and cinamon). They also had a rowdy group of Fort McHenry re-enactors in full uniform who, according to the bartender, come by regularly. It's a good friendly place and you can get draft beer for a buck.

    2. I bought some Lithuanian sausage from Scittions Market, Mr. Albert M. Shilinski taught them how to make it and it was very good they also make it for the Lithuanian festival.
      Phone: (410) 788-2369Over 36 Years Of ExperienceScittino's Italian Market PlaceIf You Want It Made Fresh, To Your Specifications, Come To Scittino'sWelcome to Scittino's Italian Market Place1701 Edmondson Avenue
      Catonsville, Maryland 21228

      Scittino's Italian Market
      1701 Edmondson Ave, Baltimore, MD 21223

      1. I think you mean dashedis, They are grated potato, bacon insausage casings.
        My Lithuanian grandmother made them, and they were delish!!!!!!