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Rib Pit on 14th Street?

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anyone been? is it any good? - all that firewood piled up in the window

the place intrigues me

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  1. what cross street???

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    1. There are actually two Rib Pits, built at the same time by the same guy, IIRC. The one on 14th St., NW and the other is on Rhode Island Ave., NE called Moe's Rib Pit.
      They are operated separately now, though they are identical in look/style.
      There are some on this board who like them. I'm not one of them.

      As with all BBQ, I highly recommend you ask for the sauce on the side.

      1. Rib pit rocks. Some the best real BBQ in the DC metro area bar none, assuming you like pork ribs in a memphis style. The sides are so-so.

        1. The 14th Street Rib Pit is definitely superior to the one on Rhode Island.

          We just got carryout from there two days ago (and have been going there for years). The BBQ pork ribs are very good. The rest of the offerings are decent. It's carryout only.

          1. Concur with previous positive poster comments. The pork is better than the beef.

            1. Rib tips at rib pit (14th St) are mostly fatty, and don't even have a nice skin/crunch to them.

              The ribs while smoked, were on the whole quite greasy and a bit fatty.

              The BBQ sauce was adequate/pretty good, it did help the ribs. But the ribs could not stand on their own.

              I had the collards and mac and cheese - both were nothing special, especially the mac and cheese (it was sort of bad).

              I was sad about this because it's relatively convenient for BBQ, and the smell outside was heavenly. It looked like a hole in the wall that might be my kind of place.

              But on that day at least, it was not.

              I believe this place could be a lot better, and maybe is sometimes; or had been in the past.

              According to the man behind the counter, they've been there 33 years.

              1. The sides are beyond horrible. Think grade school lunch room bad (perhaps they use the same cans).

                1. Hi,
                  I've just moved to the area and have heard of this place but there seem to be no reports on it lately...so far the food in this area is very hit or miss...does anyone have an update?

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                    Never been to or heard of this place, but The Standard just re-opened on 14th (& S), and they have pretty good Q. You really won't find very good BBQ in DC though.

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                      "the food in this area is very hit or miss"

                      What area are you talking about? What have you tried?

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                        I haven't been out a lot but I went to Birch and Barley which was a lot of fun but somewhat disappointing in terms of some of the execution of the dishes, I've been looking for a fresh and simple sushi and Kotobuki didn't live up to my high hopes...around here Room 11 has been more good than bad (sub-par lamb kebabs but otherwise good)...Meridian Pint, though I wouldn't expect much, was all off...
                        This is not to say there's nothing good, I certainly haven't explored much, things just seem to be expensive and I have been let down...I heard BBQ pit was alright but there were very mixed reviews and I was skeptical so I just wanted to check in with people who know food...
                        So what are people's favorite local spots in the Col Heights/Petworth area?

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                          shellicopter, judging by your profile it sounds like you moved here from boston? If so we did the same a few years ago and live a bit north of petworth in brightwood. I don't want to be uber negative but one thing that dc doesn't do very well is great execution and mid price restaurants. Not exactly sure why but more often than not I leave disappointed. There are a few places that I'm never disappointed at though. One is Dino in Cleveland Park. Always happy there. Also, right in northern columbia heights is Taco Districto Federal. Really good. If you have a car definitely check out some of the ethnic restaurants in Wheaton and Langley Park. Two of my favorites are Ruan Thai for Thai in Wheaton and Tiffin in Langely Park for indian. Out of the way but for me worth the drive. And enjoy that DC has happy hours. Drink enough and it'll be all good.

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                            In Col Heights: I recommend the carne deshilada at El Rinconcito and also at El Don I recommend the papusas and the plantains. Pizza at Red Rocks is very good.

                            I agree that Birch and Barley can be disappointing. In the same neighborhood, the Sichuan offerings at Great Wall are very good, although that section of the menu is somewhat limited.

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                              Adams Express for Korean on Mount Pleasant Street. Surprisingly solid, and cheap. Top pick in Columbia Heights for me. I also don't mind the pho and other dishes at Pho 14 and Pho Viet but they're not as good as in the suburbs...
                              Pete's Apizza is quite good in Columbia Heights...
                              In Petworth, I have enjoyed the vibe in Domku and the food is fine though a bit overpriced (Polish/Eastern European food).

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                                Thank so much for all the advice, I was just turned on to Adam Express but haven't been yet and the others are places I've heard of and been curious about so I'll put them on my list!

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                                  Love love Adam Express - just be sure to order the Korean food. The rest of the food dowsn't look too good.

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                                    I don't eat sushi, but apparently they have good sushi. Go figure.

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                            Rib Pit is just meh. Mr. P's Ribs & Fish and King Rib in the SW Waterfront are much better.


                          3. I went once about a year ago because I saw all the wood in the window and was also intrigued. I recall that the ribs were just ok and the sides were mediocre. I never went back.

                            1. Oh come on now. The food is just not any good. Any side I've tried has not been good. The ribs are barely ok but i do not crave anything they make. stay away from the beef...choking dry.