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Jun 8, 2004 02:14 PM

Rib Pit on 14th Street?

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anyone been? is it any good? - all that firewood piled up in the window

the place intrigues me

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  1. what cross street???

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    1. There are actually two Rib Pits, built at the same time by the same guy, IIRC. The one on 14th St., NW and the other is on Rhode Island Ave., NE called Moe's Rib Pit.
      They are operated separately now, though they are identical in look/style.
      There are some on this board who like them. I'm not one of them.

      As with all BBQ, I highly recommend you ask for the sauce on the side.

      1. Rib pit rocks. Some the best real BBQ in the DC metro area bar none, assuming you like pork ribs in a memphis style. The sides are so-so.

        1. The 14th Street Rib Pit is definitely superior to the one on Rhode Island.

          We just got carryout from there two days ago (and have been going there for years). The BBQ pork ribs are very good. The rest of the offerings are decent. It's carryout only.

          1. Concur with previous positive poster comments. The pork is better than the beef.