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Place to eat by the Metro,

Joann Creekmore Jul 22, 2001 10:37 PM

Visiting my sister in August, where going to see Stomp. Resturants in this area would be much appriectiated? I'll recpriocate. Thanks.

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    Celery RE: Joann Creekmore Jul 23, 2001 11:56 AM

    Which theater will you be going to? Not sure which one Stomp is coming to this time. If you let us know we can most certainly give you some suggestions for dinner!

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      Joann Creekmore RE: Celery Jul 27, 2001 07:24 AM

      Sorry I wasn't more clear on my earlier posting, my sister was confused by the name of the theater.
      Stomp is playing at the Marines Memorial Theater on Sutter St. It looks from what I can tell to be close to Union Square. Looking for something with nice atmosphere, and good food without being to fancy or pricey. We all like just about any type of food.

      Also was wondering if anyone could hook me up with a good travel board. I use to use AOL's which was very useful but cannot seem to get there now that I'm with MSN, and so far cannot seem to find another one to replace it with.

      Thanks in advance for any help.
      Joann Creekmore

      1. re: Joann Creekmore
        Melanie Wong RE: Joann Creekmore Jul 28, 2001 01:54 AM

        If you'll use the search engine on Chowhound's main page (link below) for the terms "union square francisco", you'll get 86 matches for postings full of suggestions for dining around Union Square.

        Link: http://chowhound.com/main.html

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