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Jul 20, 2001 06:27 PM

ravenous 2?

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I heard that Ravenous in Healdsburg opened a new restaurant recently...

Anyone try it or even know the name?

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  1. Here's Chowhound MarkB's mention of the news a couple months ago.

    I think the original location serving lunch only is called Ravenette or close. I tried to get a seat at the bar for dinner at the new location a couple weeks ago, but no luck.


    1. They bought a bigger space a few blocks away from the old space and are serving dinners only at the new, bigger space (what was Acres Cafe for a year (or was it just a few months). They are still serving lunches at the old spot next to the theater - we ate there in June and it was delicious as always.

      There was a mention in the SF Chronicle a few weeks ago - maybe try a search on to see if you can find it - can't remember if it was the Wednesday food section or the Friday or Sunday reviews.