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Jul 20, 2001 05:17 PM

Molly O' Neill in Cambodia

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Anyone else read Molly O'Neill's beautiful piece about Sottha Khun (former Le Cirque chef) returning to his hometown in Cambodia in this week's New Yorker? Very well-written, insightful. Also, does anyone else read "On the Rail" (link below)--a place for servers, chefs, etc. in the industry to blow off steam--very entertaining, even with the occasional fulsome postings from Tony I'm-such-a-rebel Bourdain.


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  1. DD, thanks for bringing this to our attention. There's a discussion in progress on the Not About Food board now (link below). Since this is not strictly a Bay Area topic, we should join in there and post our comments on the NAF board.


    1. Is there a linke to read the article? Or do we need to get our hands on the actual magazine? Seems like a good, touching read.

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        No link; I tried that. I guess we'll have to buy the magazine if it's still available.

      2. Molly O'Neil went way down in my esteem after she shut her site down without paying anyone. No wonder she's in Cambodia...
        Thanks for the link to the site tho- very entertaining, especially the roshomon cafe thing. Strange, but good!