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Owings Mills?

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Must have dinner in Owings Mills (near the mall, if possible) tomorrow night. Any recommendations? Hey, I will eat anything non-chainy.

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  1. C.J.'s and Captain Harvey's on Reisterstown Road.

    And further up Reisterstown Road is the Harryman House (It is called Main Street, Reisterstown at that point).

    I like all three of these restaurants. Harryman House is more upscale than the other two. There is also a Bombay Grill on Reisterstown Road, but I have not eaten there.

    1. I live in this area and want to find something too. Have tried all three of these places and do not recommend any of them. Unfortunately I can't give you any advice. Let me no what you find. I'll keep looking.

      1. Liberatorio's is pretty good Italian. Go left on Owings Mills Blvd past the little Hilton (I think)hotel and make a right at the Rite-Aid/Eckerd drug store. A half a mile or so on the right is a shopping center with Giant Food etc. Liberatorio's is there.

        The Chinese buffet in O.M. mall is actually pretty good, though I've only been at lunch. At dinner, they add Mongolian BBQ.



        1. DON'T go to Liberatorio's!!! Nor the Bombay Grill on R'town Rd. There's a decent Italian place called (I think) Cibo in an unfortunately trendy spot, but the food is good. They're on Painter's Mill Rd. on the north side in an office building. Slim pickins out that way unless you want the Owings Mills diner. I second the Harryman house, but that's quite a ways from the mall. Oh, oh, oh! This just in. The Fiesta Grill has marvelous latino stuff. The owner and his son, the chef are from Guatamala. They're on R'town Rd. on the West side, just south of Franklintown Road. These guys are worth a short drive from the mall. Let us know.
          Best. Ramon.

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          1. re: Ramon

            Did Liberatorio's poison you? Did you have several bad meals which they refused to make good on? While it's not among the best places I've ever been, I've never had a horrible experience there and know of no one who has (except maybe you).

            I'm curious as to why you're so adamantly opposed (not that I'm adamantly recommending it) to it. I have no association with Liberatorio's other than having eaten there a few times.

            And please do not take any offense at this as I mean none at all. I'm just curious as to why you're against it and you gave no reason.



            1. re: Kok

              No offense taken. I've never been poisoned there. But the food is Americanized Italian. The same kind of pasta/seafood/veal menu you can find at a million other places. The Liberatore brothers work very hard at what they do...it just isn't what I look for in an Italian restaurant I happen to know Aubzamzam also, and I'm pretty sure it isn't what that chowhound is looking for.

              1. re: Kok

                I live in Owings Mills, I have never liked Liberatorios in Newtown, although I love the location over off York Road in Hunt Valley. They never poisoned me (that I noticed) but I just never enjoyed the food or experience.

            2. My assistant raves about the Artful Gourmet Bistro everytime she goes. I've never been (Owings Mills is nowhere close to anything for me, so I rarely get up there). She gave me a menu, though, and there are certainly some interesting items on it. It looks to be a casual dining sort of establishment, with relatively reasonable prices (entrees $11-$15).

              It's on Lakeside Boulevard. Phone:410 356-0363

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              1. re: Christina D

                I ate lunch there recently. While I wouldn't go nuts about it, it's decent. It's not a chain and way better than most of the mall offerings.

              2. Well, my Owings Mills thing got cancelled, but thanks anyway. I look forward to checking out the Fiesta Grill sometime, Ramon! Thanks to all for your recommendations.
                Currently belching up some nice cecina from La Sirenita...

                1. obvious choice is to go towards pikesville on Reisterstown road and make a right on McDonough road and go to Linwoods Restaurant.

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                  1. re: dining with doc

                    Totally agree with you "dining with doc."
                    But, did you happen to notice the date on the initial request? May "2004". Six years ago. And, the person's Owings Mills date was cancelled. Too bad.

                    BTW, not much buzz where Linwood's is concerned. Seems as though the Chowhounds are enamored with Woodberry Kitchen and Salt. I've wanted to try both places, but may just return to Linwood's since I haven't had the opportunity to dine there in quite some time. FoiGras

                    Woodberry Kitchen
                    2010 Clipper Park Rd # 126, Baltimore, MD

                    1. re: FoiGras

                      I love Woodberry Kitchen, but I don't recommend Salt at all.

                      I was really looking forward to trying Salt, and for my birthday my wife and in-laws took me there. The experience was incredibly bizarre, since the experience ranged from great to terrible. The appetizers were great. My foie gras and kobe beef slider was excellent, the duck fat fries with a trio of aioli was great, and the tuna tartare was really good too. So far so good.

                      I ordered the veal porterhouse medium rare. It arrived raw. And almost too gristly to cut. When I finally was able to cut into it, I discovered how undercooked it was. I have never sent a dish back in my life, and I hate complaining at restaurants. But this was unacceptable so I called the waitress over to send it back, expecting her to offer to have the kitchen immediately re-make the dish or more generally to express her desire to make the situation right. Instead, she offered to put the same piece of meat back on and re-heat it. I was shocked that that was her suggestion. I'm no expert, but while that might be acceptable at home, when you are at a fine dining establishment that is charging $30 for an entre, that solution is completely unacceptable. And then when I refused that "solution" she (in short) rushed me into making a decision and got pissy when I objected to being rushed.

                      The manager then came over and confirmed that routinely they re-heat already cooked and cooled meat when they undercook them, and said that it was her idea to rush me because the other members of my party already had their food. In my view, this was exactly the problem. The point is that nobody made any effort to actually re-make the dish or to assure me that they wanted to correct the mistake.

                      In the meantime, my wife ordered the wahoo. She asked if it could be cooked at least to a medium temperature, but our waitress said the chef refused to cook the wahoo past medium rare. She went on to describe it was best prepared almost raw like sushi. Fine. But when it came out the fish was in fact well over cooked and very dry. We didn't bother to complain about that, since the veal situation was already so disappointing.

                      I guess the upshot is that if you decide to go there, I'd recommend sticking to small plates/appetizers. They have a real problem with cooking meat or fish to the right temperature, and they are uninterested in fixing their mistakes properly. So beware.

                      Woodberry Kitchen
                      2010 Clipper Park Rd # 126, Baltimore, MD

                  2. I love the resurrection of a 6-year old thread...

                    I have to remind Chowhounders about Kavkaz Kebab on Owings Mills Blvd:


                    Were there last night for the second time. This is the kind of independent place in the midst of chain-restaurant hell that we pray for. Azerbijani food well prepared: we sampled cheese boureks, eggplant dip, chicken, beef, and seasoned lamb/beef kebabs and all were excellent. Best of all, it's BYOB.

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                    1. re: chefdilettante

                      Pikesville aka the home of Baltimore's Jewish community just south of Owings Mills with a sizeable Russian Population is probably a better bet. Goldberg's New york bagels probably the best in the balt/dc area/closest to NY Bagels.


                      Suburban House- good Jewish deli. it burned down some months ago. I think it set up at a new locale? there should be a thread on that. well perhaps not on the intro screen on the webpage it said they will rebuild bigger and better


                      Mari Luna's Mexican Grill gets rave reviews!


                      Mari Luna's Mexican Grill
                      102 Reisterstown Rd, Pikesville, MD 21208

                      Suburban House Restaurant
                      911 Reisterstown Rd, Pikesville, MD 21208

                      1. re: vivinator

                        Suburban House will be at the old Fuddruckers location on Reisterstown Road, but is not open yet.

                        1. re: edresner

                          The NEW Suburban House should be open sometime in July...should be be bigger, better...and definitely not as beat up as the old place.

                          Also....as long as someone mentioned Mari Luna...WHICH Mari Luna do you like better...the old one or the new one?

                          Mari Luna
                          Baltimore, MD, Baltimore, MD

                          Suburban House Restaurant
                          911 Reisterstown Rd, Pikesville, MD 21208

                          1. re: MDicecreamguy

                            The Suburban House was somewhere between OK and terrible before it burned down. Even the lox was bad. Will it be an improvement at new location? There's certainly more room on the upside than the downside.

                            Suburban House Restaurant
                            911 Reisterstown Rd, Pikesville, MD 21208

                      2. re: chefdilettante

                        My wife and I ate at Kavkaz Kebab this evening. It's in an extremely unassuming storefront. So unassuming, in fact, that we'd actually walked right by it in the past without even noticing it.

                        Everything we tried, from the grilled eggplant salad to the unusual lamb dumpling soup (dushbara) to the Turkish coffee was delicious. High marks for the chef. It was very quiet, even for a Wednesday evening in late July. The chef brought out a little dish for us to try, a "saute" of eggplant and peppers. "Not on the menu," he said, "but we're making it today." Delicious. Our waitress was friendly and attentive. We split several items, and they were kind enough to bring it out on two plates -- or, in the case of the soup, in two big bowls -- each time.

                        We only wish this restaurant were closer to us in Baltimore City. But it was definitely worth the drive out to Owings Mills on a slow summer evening. We didn't tote along a bottle of wine, which was too bad, although we wouldn't want to drink and drive anyway. But wine would have gone nicely with the minced lamb and beef kebabs (lulya kebab).

                        What a nice surprise, not forty paces from the Five Guys hamburger joint.