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May 25, 2004 03:46 PM

Owings Mills?

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Must have dinner in Owings Mills (near the mall, if possible) tomorrow night. Any recommendations? Hey, I will eat anything non-chainy.

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  1. C.J.'s and Captain Harvey's on Reisterstown Road.

    And further up Reisterstown Road is the Harryman House (It is called Main Street, Reisterstown at that point).

    I like all three of these restaurants. Harryman House is more upscale than the other two. There is also a Bombay Grill on Reisterstown Road, but I have not eaten there.

    1. I live in this area and want to find something too. Have tried all three of these places and do not recommend any of them. Unfortunately I can't give you any advice. Let me no what you find. I'll keep looking.

      1. Liberatorio's is pretty good Italian. Go left on Owings Mills Blvd past the little Hilton (I think)hotel and make a right at the Rite-Aid/Eckerd drug store. A half a mile or so on the right is a shopping center with Giant Food etc. Liberatorio's is there.

        The Chinese buffet in O.M. mall is actually pretty good, though I've only been at lunch. At dinner, they add Mongolian BBQ.



        1. DON'T go to Liberatorio's!!! Nor the Bombay Grill on R'town Rd. There's a decent Italian place called (I think) Cibo in an unfortunately trendy spot, but the food is good. They're on Painter's Mill Rd. on the north side in an office building. Slim pickins out that way unless you want the Owings Mills diner. I second the Harryman house, but that's quite a ways from the mall. Oh, oh, oh! This just in. The Fiesta Grill has marvelous latino stuff. The owner and his son, the chef are from Guatamala. They're on R'town Rd. on the West side, just south of Franklintown Road. These guys are worth a short drive from the mall. Let us know.
          Best. Ramon.

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          1. re: Ramon

            Did Liberatorio's poison you? Did you have several bad meals which they refused to make good on? While it's not among the best places I've ever been, I've never had a horrible experience there and know of no one who has (except maybe you).

            I'm curious as to why you're so adamantly opposed (not that I'm adamantly recommending it) to it. I have no association with Liberatorio's other than having eaten there a few times.

            And please do not take any offense at this as I mean none at all. I'm just curious as to why you're against it and you gave no reason.



            1. re: Kok

              No offense taken. I've never been poisoned there. But the food is Americanized Italian. The same kind of pasta/seafood/veal menu you can find at a million other places. The Liberatore brothers work very hard at what they just isn't what I look for in an Italian restaurant I happen to know Aubzamzam also, and I'm pretty sure it isn't what that chowhound is looking for.

              1. re: Kok

                I live in Owings Mills, I have never liked Liberatorios in Newtown, although I love the location over off York Road in Hunt Valley. They never poisoned me (that I noticed) but I just never enjoyed the food or experience.

            2. My assistant raves about the Artful Gourmet Bistro everytime she goes. I've never been (Owings Mills is nowhere close to anything for me, so I rarely get up there). She gave me a menu, though, and there are certainly some interesting items on it. It looks to be a casual dining sort of establishment, with relatively reasonable prices (entrees $11-$15).

              It's on Lakeside Boulevard. Phone:410 356-0363

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              1. re: Christina D

                I ate lunch there recently. While I wouldn't go nuts about it, it's decent. It's not a chain and way better than most of the mall offerings.