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Jul 18, 2001 07:59 PM

Why is this Board Slow?

  • j

Has anyone, besides me, noticed that it takes a while to get back to the original board after reading a post? If you search within a thread, the response is fast. I have DSL...anyone else have the same problem?

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  1. Because there is so many messages on this board that the original page is slow

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    1. re: Mike Lee

      it's always really slow for me too and i also have dsl. i always thought it was just that there was so darned much delicious information waiting for me. but some days it does just seem to take forever. and i think probably this is a not about food thread so maybe we should move it to that board per jim's urgings of late.

      1. re: Rochelle

        Yes, further discussion should be moved to the Site Talk board.

        1. re: Rochelle

          this index is huge. it's a top priority for us to trim it and archive the older stuff. we'll get to it meantime, bear with us.

      2. It does seem a little slower to me today too.

        You may want to use the Hot Posts feature (more details on the Chowhound main page) to help you navigate without needing to load the SF Bay Area message board.

        1. j
          Jonathan King

          Slow re-loading has been such a problem for me that I've taken to opening posts in a new browser window .. which in IE means right-clicking the response you want to see and choosing the "open in new window" option. That leaves the original l-o-n-g list of posts available for further rapid browsing...

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          1. re: Jonathan King

            another solution: get in the htting the "stop" button when you're loading the index. You probably don't want to see more than the first few dozen messages anyway.

            also, don't load the indexes at all, especially if you're a regular and only want to see the latest stuff. Instead, use our HotPosts feature which gives you all new postings since whatever date you specify. You can get to hotposts via a link above our homepage.