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Jul 18, 2001 05:05 AM

Suckling Pig in SF Chinatown

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King Tin on Washington Street in San Francisco Chinatown has decent suckling pig. These piglets are a bit larger than the ones at Koi Palace, but in my current state of disenchantment with KP, will make an acceptable substitute a little closer to home. You can buy a portion sliced to order from the window take-out counter or take a seat and eat in. Lots of noodle dishes, congees and snack house fare too.

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  1. And if anyone fancies suckling pig but would rather not make the trek to SF, Mayflower Restaurant in Milpitas Square (Barber Lane near 237 and McCarthy Ranch) serves them for dim sum during lunch (7 days a week). Last time I had them they were $12 per plate (stacked in a mound that I'd estimate to be about 8-10 oz of meat), a bit on the expensive side, but good eats none the less.

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    1. re: Nancy Acton

      Nancy, it's so good to have you posting again! Seems like you've recommended Mayflower before, is that your favorite dim sum place? I haven't been there yet, maybe I need to call my cousin Janet in Milpitas...

      FYI to others reading along, the Cantonese-style suckling pig is swathed inside with special seasonings and then roasted until the skin is crackly crisp. The best are small enough that they're really still milk-fed and the meat is incredibly tender and sweet. If you plan to order this dish, you MUST eat the skin.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Hi Melanie,

        I'm glad to be back. :) In fact, I find myself responding to several of your posts, invariably about Chinese restaurants of various flavors. :)

        Yes, Mayflower is my favorite dim sum place from Palo Alto and below. Haven't been to enough places in SF or north peninsula to compare (although Mayflower holds its own against the HK Flower Lounge Milbrae and Harbor Village in Embarcadero at least). The food is usually good to excellent, although the service can be spotty. It is frustrating when the carts with your desired items never come down your aisle until they're out of the item. Then if you ask a wait person, they waive you off impatiently and say, "ah! it's coming! it's coming!"

        The wait for a table is also long (especially on weekends between 11:30 and 1:30). But at least there are shops nearby for browsing and chairs to sit in to kill time. Bring reading material.

        And I concur whole-heartedly about the suckling pig. The point of the dish is the crispy flavored skin. If you don't want to eat the skin, don't bother period.

        I would love to hear your opinions if and when you try this restaurant.

        1. re: Nancy Acton

          Thanks for the word on Mayflower, Nancy. Now it's even higher on my list of must tries. I haven't even been to the one in SF yet, although I generally hear more about the Milpitas one from family.