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Jul 17, 2001 10:51 PM

Chowhound Grasshopper Dinner in Oakland

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The restaurant - not the critters!

I have reservations for eight at Grasshopper,
6317 College Avenue in Oakland, Tuesday, July 31 at
7 p.m.

Who wants to join me? They do small plates - kind of Asian tapas with a wide sake selection. I haven't been yet since the only time I'm in the neighborhood I've just given blood at the Red Cross and can't have the sake then.

If you are interested, let me know.

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  1. Super! I'm in. (Glad I rechecked my travel schedule.)

    1. Sent a reply but got error message. I don't know how to use cc! Would love to meet chowhounds face to face. Let me know if there is still room for "Grasshopper" dinner on the 31st.

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      1. re: Janet Hinze
        JB Leibovitch

        Like many chow's, Celery uses an altered e-mail address to prevent unwanted spam.

        So, becomes pumasix@yahoodotcom. Personally, I use instead of I'm sure it's recommended somewhere on the site.

        1. re: Janet Hinze

          Looking forward to Tuesday and meeting you too, Janet!