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Best Mojito in the DC area?

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I work in between Arlington & Downtown DC.
Where can I find the best place to have a great Mojito?
Tasty and effective on a hot afternoon.
Yummy eats next in line.

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  1. I can't be confident that it's the best, but I do know that the version at Cafe Atlantico is great.

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    1. re: Marty L.

      I'll second Cafe Atlantico!

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        If you are in Arlington, Sobes, a little place I have become a regular at has a mojito martini which is very refreshing and equally as tasty.

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          And another Arlington recommendation--Mexicali Blues on Wilson makes a good one from scratch with a sugar cane garnish...

        2. I don't know what night and what time you are thinking, but if you can stand the crowds Cafe Citron in Dupont pours a mean mojito.

          1. Cafe Atlantico's are very good as are the ones at Ceiba.

            1. In Georgetown-Paolo's actually has a decent one. Also try the Cilantro Margarita at Neyla across the street from there, they have a great outdoor sitting area and pretty good food.

              1. Karma at 19th & I , NW. Sublime. Each is made to order from scratch and are available around the clock. Comfy couch area is a nice place to knock back a few on a weekday morning or afternoon ;)

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                  this place is new, did you eat there as well? thanks

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                    I'm still working my way through the menu. I eaten there 6 times now. The roast beef panini is a highlight. The meat platters and cheese platters are also very good. As are the ham & cheese paniniis. A order of mixed olives is about two cups - order only if sharing.

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                      "working my way through the menu"
                      there's a hound-ish statement if I've ever seen one!
                      good for you Rose and thanks for the info!

                2. Try the restaurant in the Madera Hotel on New Hampshire. "Firefly" I think. They make a good traditional one and an excellent Mojito Martini with brown sugar on the rim.

                  1. I wanted to restart this thread to see if anything has changed in the last 2+ years. The prior posts mentioned Ceiba, Cafe Atlantico, Cafe Citron and Firefly. Are these still good bets? And what's the best of the best at the moment?


                    1. My votes, in this order:

                      Cafe Citron (oh my my my. limit yourself to two if you are a small woman and even them don't plan to drive for a while.)

                      McCormick & Schmick (sp?) in Reston Town Center (they will knock you on your a&&)

                      Cafe Atlantico (but a close third - you won't go wrong here).

                      M&S Grill has no idea how to make them so avoid them. (Reston TC again).

                      any others I'd love to know.

                      1. Cafe Atlantico's was ok at best, but then again I don't like that place or minibar, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

                        That said, I love Bar Pilar's mojitos. The secret is good rum (try it with 10 cane sometime) and the freshest mint possible.

                        1. I love the mojito's at Cafe Atlantico. I believe that we had them at Bar Pilar, but they weren't anything memorable. I guess we just have different tastes, huh?

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                          1. I have tried Cafe Atlantico, and I don't understand why everyone says it's so good. It's mediocre to me. The best I have ever had in the DC region is at Cafe Citron in Dupont Circle. They are also inexpensive compared to other bars.

                            Another nice Mojito (but pricier) is at Gazuza on Connecticut avenue in the same area.

                            1. Had a Caipirinha at Vermilion last night that was very good. They also have a mojito on the menu.

                              1. citronelle makes an amazing mojito.

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                                  This thread is about three years old, but since many of the places are still around I guess I will post my 2 cents, although I do think a lot has changed in DC in three years.

                                  I agree Citronelle makes an awesome champagne mojito. Also Zengo has very good mojitos.

                                  I think the ones at Ceiba and GAR restaurants have too much mint muddled, but are ok. I can't remember the one at Cafe Atlantico, but I am sure I have had one there...

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                                    if you can stomach the atmosphere, Habana Village in Adams Morgan has authentic mojitos - they actually muddle the mint with a sugar cane and use real rum... not the sugar packets you find at most of these places.... GREAT music too... the crowds can be a bit much if you're not used to Calle Ocho...