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May 10, 2004 09:54 AM

Best Mojito in the DC area?

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I work in between Arlington & Downtown DC.
Where can I find the best place to have a great Mojito?
Tasty and effective on a hot afternoon.
Yummy eats next in line.

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  1. I can't be confident that it's the best, but I do know that the version at Cafe Atlantico is great.

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    1. re: Marty L.

      I'll second Cafe Atlantico!

      1. re: Free Wilma

        If you are in Arlington, Sobes, a little place I have become a regular at has a mojito martini which is very refreshing and equally as tasty.

        1. re: Free Wilma

          And another Arlington recommendation--Mexicali Blues on Wilson makes a good one from scratch with a sugar cane garnish...

        2. I don't know what night and what time you are thinking, but if you can stand the crowds Cafe Citron in Dupont pours a mean mojito.

          1. Cafe Atlantico's are very good as are the ones at Ceiba.

            1. In Georgetown-Paolo's actually has a decent one. Also try the Cilantro Margarita at Neyla across the street from there, they have a great outdoor sitting area and pretty good food.

              1. Karma at 19th & I , NW. Sublime. Each is made to order from scratch and are available around the clock. Comfy couch area is a nice place to knock back a few on a weekday morning or afternoon ;)

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                1. re: Rosco

                  this place is new, did you eat there as well? thanks

                  1. re: Jamie D

                    I'm still working my way through the menu. I eaten there 6 times now. The roast beef panini is a highlight. The meat platters and cheese platters are also very good. As are the ham & cheese paniniis. A order of mixed olives is about two cups - order only if sharing.

                    1. re: Rose

                      "working my way through the menu"
                      there's a hound-ish statement if I've ever seen one!
                      good for you Rose and thanks for the info!