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Jul 17, 2001 10:42 AM

an udipi restuarant in sunnyvale?

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should be fabulous .... almost every decent idli-dosa place in bombay is run by udipis; indeed, they are our fast food. give credit to the udipis for recognising the commercial possibilities of idli-dosa, and give them even more credit for sending cooks to madras for training.

its at times like these i wish i'd moved west to san fran rather than east to london.

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  1. Is this a family? Corporate chain?

    A couple years ago one of the local public policy think tanks issued a report on the effect of immigration on the high tech development. IIRC, something like 20+% of Silicon Valley's engineering workforce is made up of foreign-born Indian and Chinese engineers and many, many tech start-ups have grown from those ethnic business networks.

    With that kind of concentration of high income ethnic customers, it's no surprise that their favorites from home would follow them here. From the Chinese cuisine side there are many Taiwanese snack shops popping up in the places like Cupertino, Milpitas, and Fremont. I hope we'll hear more about the Indian side on these boards too.

    As far as moving to SF, don't be afraid, an occasional glass of Zinfandel won't hurt you. (g)

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      I wonder if this place is related to the udupi palace locations in chicago and DC.

      The chicago udupi has long been the best place for dhosas here and is a branch of the DC one. When I visited houston a while back it turned out that the best dhosa place there was run by a family member of the chicago udupi palace restaurant.

      they have a website: www.

      the other restaurants i wonder about (and in my experience have been good) are called mysore woodlands.

      the one here in chicago has started to take business away from udupi palace and the one in Atlanta had by far the best dhosai there.

      1. re: zim

        Thanks, Zim. The Washington Post review of the DC Udupi Palace mentions that Udupi is a city in southern India and that the many restaurants that bear this name are not necessarily related and vary widely in quality.

        Will keep Mysore Woodlands in mind. A quick web search didn't turn up any locations out here. But if they're expansion minded, maybe it won't be too long.

        1. re: zim

          I was a little surprised by the prices at Udipi. I grew up in the east bay where a dosa should cost no more that $3.00. Then again the best dosa I've had in the U.S. was at Woodlands in Chicago and it was in the $6+ range. Unfortunetly Woodlands has not yet ventured to the western U.S. but they are a hit in London and there are four locations in Chicago that I know of.