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Jul 16, 2001 09:00 AM

Bow Hun - a bit disappointing

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Had dinner last night at Bow Hun. We had the fish salad, the brisket of beef clay pot, the chicken & squab clay pot, snow pea shoots, and the scallops with black bean sauce. I enjoyed the much discussed fish salad but I thought it was a bit heavy on the pepper - overwhelmed the delicate fish flavors. It was a nice salad with a good variety of textures and flavors and a good size portion - as it should be for the price, $24 or $28? Our dining companions said that Kirin ( out in the Avenues ) has a version of fish salad that they liked a bit more. The clay pots were good/OK but I thought they weren't as savory as others I've had at other places. ( last week I had the beef stew clay pot at Ocean Pearl on 781 Broadway ) The snow pea shoots were a bit undercooked for my taste. Maybe I brought in some expectations that were hightened by the recent postings about the fish salad and the clay pots .... but I left feeling a bit let down.

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  1. Thanks for being specific about your order, Gordon. I'm really sorry to hear about the beef brisket clay pot in particular because this was one of my favorites. When Rochelle, Alex and I were there the new owners told us that the cooks were the same. Maybe.

    One of my aunties had also recommended the fish salad at Kirin. She said a half-order is $18. Bow Hun charges $24 for a half-order, but I don't know if they're the same size portions.

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      sorry to hear the fish salad especially didn't live up to our claims of pristine elegance in a dish. it was delicious the day we were there, so delicious in fact the 3 of us made our meal up primarily of it.
      (salt and pepper prawns and duck & lettuce jook as well)
      i wonder if melanie's alluding to a change in chefs isn't a point to be wondered about.

      1. re: Rochelle

        I'm still glad that I tried it and now I'm looking forward to trying Kirin's version of this same salad.