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Jul 15, 2001 03:49 AM

Il Fornaio?

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Ok i was just wondering if this place is worth while to eat at?

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  1. I went there are about 3 years ago - the Il Fornaio close to Fog City Diner in SF. It wasn't bad, but not particularly memorable, except for the pretty good olive bread. Nothing sub-standard but nothing blew me away.

    1. One of the most overrated restaurants I have ever eaten in. I have been to more than that one, and each experience is equally bad. Although the building is beautiful the food is terrible. Everything is overdressed, over oiled and seasoned poorly. Even a simple salad was a disappointment there. I tried a few simple appetizers that were just as bad...including the standard antipasto. Pizza is probably your safest bet, but I would visit Fog City Diner or Houstons before I went there.

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        I am in complete agreement with your take on Il Fornaio. My wife and I went to the one near our house in Santa Monica. It's a very handsome restaurant with fine service. I really wanted to like it. But after 4 or 5 times of trying different things I could'nt find anything that I wanted to go back to eat.

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        Judith Hurley

        The Il Fornaio in San Jose is a pretty place, a little noisy, but almost anywhere is these days. Much quieter for breakfast, and definitely the power breakfast spot down here.

        We had some terrible service there at the beginning, but it seems to be better and more consistent now (they've been in business for some years here).

        I'm in agreement with other postings about the food. Good, but not generally memorable, although I could definitely recommend the butternut squash ravioli with sage butter, especially liked the deep fried sage leaves, maybe they were garnish, but I ate'em and loved'em.

        The thing I really don't like is that the reservations are unreliable. You have to reconfirm, and sometimes they have no record of your first call. Makes me nuts.

        1. I have enjoyed lunch there, both sit-down and the takeaway sandwiches. Nothing spectacular, but perfectly good. I don't recall the service being an issue.

          -Mike Zurer