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Jul 15, 2001 03:13 AM

Sausalito burgers?

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My visitors this week raved about hamburgers that they got from an open-air grill a few steps away from the ferry dock. They said that this place grinds its own meat fresh every day, and that they close at 5pm or when they run out of beef.

But they didn't know the name of this place or exactly where its located. Anyone else have more details/opinions?

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  1. mmm... That sounds delectable. I work in Sausalito, and have never heard of this place... So, I'm no help, but if you'll tell me the name as soon as you find it, I promise I'll post my comments as soon as I go.(Which is likely to be the next humanly possible lunch!)

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      Fatemeh, maybe we could talk you into doing a little sleuthing? They had taken the ferry to Sausalito, and said this was very close to the dock. If it's truly an open-air grill, I think you just follow your nose...

      1. re: Melanie Wong
        Brandon Nelson

        Hey Mel!

        My uncle Joe used to work for fish and game. He was stationed in Sausalito. If there is great grub to be found, Joe knows where. I'll be seeing him next week, so I'll ask.


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          Food sleuth... I like the sound of that. I'll see what I can dig up and report back!


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            Would you like us to call you Mata Hari? (g)

            Check the posts just above for more clues...

      2. There's a place that fits the description across from the Bank of America smack in the middle of downtown. It's on Bridgeway near where it turns the corner and eventually becomes Alexander. I have driven past it about a million times, but never stopped by. It is somehow related to the cheesy looking ice cream/fish and chips joint about a half block further north. I seem to recall the name of the place being "Fresh Grilled Hamburgers."


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        1. re: Mike Zurer

          Okay, got it. Found some old scribblings from the trip. The place is called (duh), Hamburgers - located at 737 Bridgeway.

          1. re: Heidi

            Mike and Heidi - thanks for figuring this one out. They mentioned getting waffle cones nearby too, so I think you've zeroed in on the right place.

        2. This is so funny - I had meant to inquire about this place also after a stroll through Sausalito last September. If I can recall correctly the grill wasn't exactly open-air but storefront with a big picture window (maybe part of the window was cut out?),where you could watch the burgers being hand made and cooking on the slowly rotating charcoal grill. The burgers looked and smelled divine but we were just too stuffed from an earlier lunch elsewhere to sample. This on a street across or nearly across a grassy area near the harborfront(did I see a restaurant called the Colony or Colonial there?), I couldn't swear where exactly.

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          1. re: Heidi

            I just went there 3 weeks ago. It's not as good as it used to be with the new owner.

            I went there a few years back when they had a different owner. She was Asian and her hamburgers had a touch of asian flavor in her hamburgers. That was how her burgers became so famous. However, I came back about 3 weeks ago, and they had a different owner. The burgers are so-so, and kind of 'generic'. Before I had to wait in long line ( I mean very long line )but now, they have 3 people waiting in line the most.

            The place is directly across from the big water fountain in the middle of downtown. As soon as you get off the Ferry, go directly past the water fountain and to the other side of the street, you'll see this place.