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Jul 15, 2001 03:09 AM

Dittmer's Wurst Haus, Mountain View

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Known about this place for years but never quite made it into the store. So it was a pleasant surprise to find that the Friday the 13th party featured a variety of Dittmer's sausages hot off the grill. Trying about half of the dozen types (only a fraction of Dittmer's dizzying repetoire), all of which were very good and distinctive, my favorite was the Fresh Herb. These are skinny links with a haunting anise-like flavor that reminds me of French tarragon. I was also pleased to see that Sierra Nevada Porter Stoneground Mustard was offered as an accompaniment.


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  1. Melanie,

    with your frequent mentioning of this mustard and christmas right around the corner... i have more than an idea what santa might bring you- the good with everything condiment!

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    1. re: Rochelle

      Rochelle, please, don't start counting shopping days until Christmas just yet!

      With summer grilling season in full swing, sausages are in abundance at almost every function I'm attending these days.

      Rachel had a cute story about watching a woman at a restaurant unwrap the many jars of mustard her husband had gifted her. When she saw the Sierra Nevada Stout Mustard, she couldn't help herself and had to go over and find out if the couple were chowhounds. Turned out it was just a coincidence and the condiment gifts were an inside joke.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        sounds exactly like the kind of gift giving my brother and i engage in. i think for christmas year before last i gave him 15 different types of hot sauce, along with mustards, pepperocini and jerky. you see, this does run in families, at 3 years old his daughter was a brie freak and now at 11 will eat any stinky cheese put in front of her and isn't afraid to try anything once.

        1. re: Rochelle

          Runs in my family too. One of the stocking stuffers for my brother every year is some type of hot sauce. And, I pick up regional hot sauces for him from wherever I travel, e.g., Singapore, Cancun, New Mexico...

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      pete slosberg

      Been going to Dittmers for over 10 years. Smoked turkey on Dutch Crunch bread is a wonderful lunch. Even better is fact that you can bring in any meat and they'll smoke it for you. Their smoked whole turkey is great for parties and works better than lox with bagels and cream cheese

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      1. re: pete slosberg

        Good to know, Pete. Think I'm going to call my friend who comes home from fishing trips with tons of bonito...