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Apr 26, 2004 08:34 AM

Low Carb Friendly Restaurants

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My husband and I are taking out a group friends for dinner but some of them are currently on low carb diets. We want everyone to be able to enjoy their meals. Does anyone have suggestions for restaurants that would have enough food selections for low carb dieters as well as those not on that particular diet? They're both well out of the induction phase so their maximum carb counts are higher.


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  1. What location are you talking about?

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    1. re: Liz

      Preferrably around the Bethesda/Rockville/Silver Spring area but no one is afraid to drive a little for good food.

    2. Assuming you are avoiding big chains that advertise low card menus...

      Any place that serves a lot of meat, fish, and veggies would work. I'd avoid Italian and many Asian places to avoid pasta and rice temptations. You're looking for places that have simple preparations, easy on the sauces, and lots of options for avoiding root veggies and other starches.

      I've found that it's really easy to low-carb and eat almost any where.

      1. I've found that most restaurants can be accomodating for a low-carber, and can substitute some sort of non-starchy vegetable in place of potatoes or pasta.

        Mexican and other Latin American cuisines can be tricky since bean and corn products are often too integrated into the dishes to remove. Basically, any cuisine that offers grilled or steamed dishes will work. I continue to eat at Thai, Japanese, Italian, and Korean places without a problem. It's possible (albeit not easy) to eat low-carb at a Chinese restaurant, but frankly I consider visits to A&J or New Fortune as occasional treats worth the carb splurge...

        And heck, the DC/Baltimore area offers one of the finest low-carb meals imaginable: steamed crabs!

        One specific rec for the DC area - Jaleo. It's a low-carb paradise.

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          I totally forgot about Jaleo! Mmmmm.... And speaking of Korean, friends took us to Woo Mi Garden (I probably spelled that wrong) which had wonderful barbecue and vegetables galore. There's suppose to be a good place in Rockville I should look up.


          1. re: SisterT

            "There's suppose to be a good place in Rockville I should look up."

            That would probably be Sam Woo on Rockville Pike, just south of Wintergreen Plaza. BTW, kimchee is definitely low-carb, and all that pepper does wonders for the metabolism!

        2. Greek/middle eastern food is a low-carber's dream! This isn't exactly a place to go with a big group, but we love Moby Dick's House of Kabob for low carb, delicious meals. Just pass on the pita bread and rice, and enjoy the great swordfish, chicken and lamb souvlaki, greek salad, feta dressing...yummmmm... Zaytinya, which is a great place to bring a big group, also has some terrific non-starch options.