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Jul 13, 2001 01:25 AM

new "Breads of India" sister restaurant

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Being a visitor to chowhound NY board quite often and presently here in the bay area for a few weeks, I talked a group of visitors and natives into checking out the new b of i spot on shattuck and virginia.

Evaluation - smelled great, fab menu descriptions, so so food, tiny portions a few really good things, eg sauce, samosa, rosemary bread. Really chintzy portions eg stuffed potato - 2 halfs of a baked idaho, hollowed out and stuffed with potato & spicesss $10.95!! Had to ask for the rice that came with the dishes, had 6 folks and they served us 1 small rice (had 3-4 saucy dishes - also tiny portions). \

Nothing to write home about - don't bother

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