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Jul 11, 2001 06:21 PM

Delicious soup noodles with eel

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One of my favorite noodle dishes in my neighborhood is a soup noodle with eel at Shanghai Restaurant on the corner of Judah and 9th. You get a bowl of thin flat noodles in a light broth and a plate of eel and bean sprouts in a brown vinegary sauce. Great textural constrast between eel and sprout, and everything gets washed down by the noodles and soup. Recommended for a good cheap meal.

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    Andrew Raskin

    I've passed that place several times, and always felt a vibe of something good emanating from it. I've never known what to order, though. Now I do. Thanks again, Limster.

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      Shanghai Restaurant is a pretty decent Shanghainese place. Not top of the line, but I think it does pretty well in it's own neighborhood eatery sort of way. Get typical Shanghainese things there, like Lion's Head and steamed dumplings. On weekends they have Shanghaiese dim sum.