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Jul 11, 2001 12:56 PM

DISASTER! Please Read!

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I'm really about to get hysterical here.

The La Palma Mexicatessen, which made what I've long considered the country's best potato chips, has stopped making them. They were "too expensive" and "too much work". This is, of course, why only THEY were making chips of this rarified quality. Who else but the wonderful Central American ladies would take the trouble to make the world's best potato chips?

We need to mobilize here. Not for my article (shoot, I can live without including a tiny store which doesn't even do mail order and is thus of little interest to 99.9% of national readers). Just for the world. This is culinarily akin to the Taliban's destruction of the Buddhist statues.

They are at 2884 24th Street at Florida; 647-1500 in the Mission. Please, in the name of hounddom, go there (and, while you're at it, enjoy some of the best Central American/Mexican food I've ever tasted) and beg them to bring back the chips. More info about the place at link below.

I'm about to fax them.


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  1. I spoke to La Palma.

    They have temporarily stopped making potato chips because 1. they can't get the right potatoes summertime, and 2. they have labor shortages in summertime, and won't make the chips unless the right people are there to make them.

    Moreover, they won't make a special exception and send samples so they can be included in a tasting article read by 2.3 million readers. And they won't even allow a photographer to shoot them frying; they won't even PRETEND to fry chips unless all conditions are absolutely optimal.

    This extremely difficult, impractical, niggling, unbusiness-like attitude is, obviously, why theirs are the very best chips in America.

    They expect to resume production in September.

    Obviously, I'll find a way to sneak them into the article anyway.


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      Jim, I'm so glad you posted this notice and update. Fortunately, I'd read these before my visit to La Palma on Sunday, otherwise I'd be upset too. When I inquired about the potato chips, the staff just said "No more, no make, no more".

      So much to look forward to in the fall...