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Jul 10, 2001 09:16 PM

good place in SF to have dinner for about 10 people, plus 2 toddlers?

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hi all,

we're looking for a fun, not too expensive place with great food where a bunch of us can meet and have a great dinner, but also hang out, relax and enjoy each other's company. there is one baby and one 3 year old, which makes it a little more complicated.

Any recommendations??

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  1. How about Park Chow? It's inexpensive, the food is very good, and it's kid-friendly (it's recommended by the goCityKids website -- I've provided the link below.) They're located on 9th Ave. near Lincoln, just south of Golden Gate Park.


    1. Many of the SF Chinese restaurants are geared towards large groups with children. They have large round tables which can accommodate a party of 12. Call ahead to reserve if you can, however.

      You can also search for restaurants at and narrow your search by selecting the "good for groups" or "good for kids" options.

      I've been to Park Chow only once, and the prices are good and the food decent (I had the spaghetti w/meatballs, which was good but definitely not extraordinary). But I think it would be tough to seat 12 together; they probably would have to break up the party. Again, call ahead to find out.

      1. I have had many good, inexpensive meals at Park Chow. One meal was for about 10-12 people on the upstairs deck. I think they generally don't take reservations, but you may be able to call and ask for a large crowd. Their upstairs deck is terrific, and there is a small, elevated section of the deck that would be GREAT if they could give it to you - an area that is a little set aside from everyone else for the kids to run around. There are always a lot of kids in the restaurant - very child friendly.

        By the way, they have excellent desserts (strawberry shortcake is awesome), and I suggest their foccacia appetizer. Flat Iron Steak is great too.