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Apr 2, 2004 09:59 AM

Korean near Columbia, MD?

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It's been a while since I've had Korean food and the craving has hit me pretty hard today.

I used to live near Annandale so there was no problem finding a good place. Then I moved to Rockville and the closest choice was Sam Woos. Now I'm in Columbia, MD and there is *nothing*!

Please guide me to the nearest tasty Korean restaurant and prove me wrong. Thanks!


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  1. There's a fairly large Korean population up Route 29 in Ellicott City, so start your search there with the Lotte Supermarket (there's a Han Ah Rheum in Catonsville, too), Asia Garden, and Han Sung. There's bound to be others. Nearby is Goong Jeon in Glen Burnie, which is either the best Korean place in Md. or downhill since its chef went back home depending on who you ask (there's other Korean places in and around GB, Odenton, and Fort Meade, too). There's a small Koreatown in midtown Baltimore: I like Nam Kang, U Jung Kwan, and Joung Kak there.

    Finally, haven't been to this place yet, but it certainly sounds interesting.


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    1. re: Chris S

      Great space. Good food. Very reasonable. My only problem is that all of their dumplings are veggie. Definitely recommend the soups. Extra bonus: the Sylvan ice cream place is right next door for dessert.

      1. re: asun

        really?? I've only tried eating at a Korean mart "restaurant" once and that was at Han Ah Reum in Falls Church. I thought it was alright.....

        where is this Lotte Plaza? near Han Ah Reum on Rt.40/Rt29?

        1. re: Vicky

          lotte is at the south-eastern intersection of 40 and 29. Han Ah Reum is on route 40 near the beltway. they actually are not that close together.

          just fyi, i know the food court at Lotte looks kind of interesting, and i guess for the money, it's a good value, but it's not at the top of my list to go for food.

      2. re: Chris S

        Yes, the Lotte Plaza has a food court with Korean chow and also within the same shopping center is a Korean Restaurant (can't remember the name).

        1. re: Hon

          I had bulgogi at the Korean restaurant in Lotte Plaza (I think it might be called Shin Chon). They brought it out to me rather than grilling at the table (perhaps because I ordered the lunch box). I thought it was fairly decent, but I'm not that well-versed in Korean cuisine and would be interested in your opinion. The clientele and wait staff were all Korean. I was a little surprised when they laid down more than a dozen small bowls of cold Korean appetizers in neat rows in front of me, only one of which was kimchee.

          Lotte Plaza is in this kind of triangular area south of 40 and east of 29. As you go north of 29, take the exit to 40 East but stay to your left.

        2. re: Chris S

          Han Ah Rheum on Rt. 40 has good food with a few tables (in the market, though). In addition, there's a new Korean department store next to it, and they're supposed to be building in a food court.

          1. re: Chris S

            How's the korean/japanese restaurant in that lotte plaza in ellicott city?

            Also, where exactly are the korean restaurants in Ft. Meade & Odenton?

            1. re: nicedude

              The one at Lotte Plaza is Shin Chon I believe. I just found it OK. It's authentic but the flavors were a little uneven to me and dull at times.

          2. You can also try Blue Garden (7523 Ritchie Highway, Glen Burnie); I've not been but I've heard good things about it.

            Finally, I also can't remember the Korean place in Fort Meade. There were two within a block; one actually was quite good.

            Also, the new Grand Mart near Security Mall is supposed to include a Korean restaurant and was developed by Sam Choi, who evidently developed a similar thing in Annandale.

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            1. re: asun

              Is this the famous "Duck Butt" spoken of several months ago - so named for its sign ?

              1. re: asun

                There's a korean restuarant in Glen Burnie called the Korean restaurant. It's right across from La Fontaine Bleu.

              2. scratch blue garden, i hear that it's closed and their phone is disconnected. sorry.

                1. There's a small Korean place on Frederick Road (rt 144) and St Johns Lane, in the shopping center next to the Pizza Hut. Unfortunately I've forgotten the name. I've had a decent seafood crepe there, but I don't really like Korean food that much, so I may not be a great judge.

                  It's about a mile west of Lotte plaza, and two blocks south of Rt 40. I've enjoyed the food court in Lotte. You get such a wide variety of dishes, most of which have not been Americanized (this is not always a good thing).

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                  1. re: dzoey

                    This is Han Sung which is described in other posts on this thread. They don't do BBQ but they all the other Korean standards very nicely.

                  2. If you are in Columbia, Towson may be a bit of haul for you, but there is a place called Purim Oak. Haven't tried it, but it looks like it might be worth a try. Also, on 25 street in North Baltimore at the between the intersections of 25th and Maryland and North Charles street, there is a place call New No Daji.

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                    1. re: Matt

                      No to New No Da Ji. It's awful. Purim Oak's OK, but just about everything else listed below is better.