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Jul 10, 2001 10:38 AM

New Breads of India place in Berkeley

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The wait is finally over - the new restaurant by the Breads of India folks in Berkeley (Shattuck & Virginia) is finally open! It opened on July 5. Can't recall the name of it - walked by on the way to the eye doctor's but figured since we'd have our eyes dilated we wouldn't be able to read the menu if we stopped for dinner. Hope to try it soon!

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  1. Thanks, Celery for letting us know. Can't wait to try it. How many seats would you guess they have?

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      I'd say it's probably at least 2x the size of the original place. When the Chronicle first announced this new place was opening (ages and ages ago) they said they were going to take credit cards, reservations and have beer/wine. Whether any of that is true now that they have opened remains to be seen.