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Jul 9, 2001 11:37 PM

Thx to Melanie Wong/Barry Kaufman for Sun Hong Kong recommendations

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Last August Melanie rec the steamed live shrimp (and don't forget the dipping sauce--I wish I had my duck jus jar!) and in December Barry rec the roast pork crispy fried noodles @ Sun Hong Kong in Oakland Chinatown (389 8th). Ordered take out; my family loved it! Also ran into a friend while ordering and he rec the dry fried beef chow fun. He also rec roast duck wonton soup @ Gold Medal--anyone been there?

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  1. sun hong kong in berkeley has this neat new "happy hour " menu from 3-6PM everyday. entrees/appetizers for $2! i had the fried spareribs (okay, kinda spare with sweet and sour sauce) but the fried chicken wings were good. *warning* i got the special chow mein, but it is different than the regular one that comes in the metal bowl (thick noodles, rather than can also get the regular one crispy).

    here's the kicker: all beer (tsing tao, sam adams, heineken) is 99cents(!) from you come into that sweet spot 3-5PM, $2 menu and 99 cent beer! WHOO HOO!


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      Ryan, here's an e-coupon (link below) for Buy 1 entree, get second 1/2 off.