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Mar 23, 2004 11:21 AM

Indian restaurant nr Dupont Circle

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I'll be in DC for the weekend of April 24 (2 nights). Looking for a great Indian restaurant, preferably near Dupont Circle or on the Red Line. I've been to Indique and loved it.

I also remember a place called Himalaya Grill on 18th St. -- apparently now it's called Mount Everest? I recall excellent momos there. If anyone's been there recently, I'd love an opinion!

Price is not important, but it can't be strictly vegetarian.



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  1. I like Bombay Club: 815 Connecticut Ave NW
    Washington DC (close to Farragut North-redline)
    I also like Mehak: 817 7th St., NW (near Gallery place Metro - redline)
    I also love Woodlands locations in Fairfax, Langley Park and Gaithersburg (none unfortunately near a red line stop).
    I have never been to Himalayan Grill.

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      Would not recommend Mehak in Chinatown - I had terrible service there once at lunch & will never go back. Prices have inched up too.

      I DO recommend White Tiger (lunch buffet too), but it's over by Union Station, at the foot of Capitol Hill.

      Have been to the buffets at the older Indian restaurants around DuPont circle. They're OK - nothing great.

      Caravan Grill on 18th St nr S has a lunch buffet too, but it's more middle-Eastern & less Indian.

      The Indian lunch buffets you find in Montgomery & PG Counties - you get more for the money ($7), including desserts. More choices too.

      I always enjoy a smooth mango lassi or comforting masala chai tea with my lunch.

    2. I've only had delivery from Mount Everest and some things have been very very good, while others (a goat dish comes to mind) not good at all.

      Heritage India is supposed to open up a branch in Dupont Circle, but I'm not sure when... If it's not open, it might be worth heading over to Glover Park to the other location. There's bus that will take you there from Dupont Circle. It's also walkable.

      1. There is India Polo Club on Conn. Ave. just south of Florida Ave. It is on red line just walking distance away from Dupont circle. It features lunch buffet everyday.

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        1. re: naruda

          Any good? I never, NEVER, hear anyone talk about that place.

          1. re: Marty W.

            It is good but can not match with Heritage, Bombay Bistro or Bombay Club. Most Indian restaurants are run by cooks who defected from the Original Tandoor in Georgetown. Jack Katyal the owner of Tandoor which in 1980 was perhaps the only known Indian restaurant in the area, did not treat his employees well, all of them one by one quit and started their own restaurant. They gave Tandoor enough competition that it was not the only Indian restaurant anymore. However Heritage, Bombay Bistro, Bombay Club are original and stand out among the other generic versions of Tandoor. Jack Katyal is still around and operates Jyoti (his wife's first name) in Adams Morgan on 18th St.NW.

            1. re: naruda

              Interesting... I actually like Jyoti. Particularly their black dal and the tandoori chicken. But I've only had delivery--for that it is an excellent option (they deliver for free). But you're right, it's not in the same league as Heritage India.

              Does anyone remember the Peacock up on Connecticut? Maybe it's still there... The guy in charge of the dining room there ran the staff (many who looked underage) like a chain gang. I stopped going years ago because it was painful to watch.

              1. re: butterfly

                I like Jyoti too. I am always a fan of a place where I can get a Goa/Malabar curry, and their fish one is very good. Not as good as Heritage's fish curry, but a good neighborhood bet.

                1. re: butterfly

                  Peacock is long closed - proof of karma, I suppose. It is the space that was taken over by Greenwood's, now doing business as Buck's Camoing and Fishing.

          2. There is Taj Mahal on the south side of Dupont Cicle on Conn Ave-but I wouldn't recommend it. However, Harvest was supposed to open "early March" next door to Taj Mahal. I haven't gotten over there yet to check though.

            1. My first choice would be to find out if Heritage on Connecticut is open yet. Second choice would be to consider Nirvana on 18th and K, not too far down from the circle. I should note that it is completely vegetarian but has some unique south indian dishes that one typically does not see in indian restaurants around here.