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Jul 6, 2001 11:00 PM

SFO (or near SFO) dining?

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My aunt is flying into SFO at 10 a.m., I'm flying out at 1 p.m. the same day. Where do we have lunch between flights at or near SFO?

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  1. great dim sum at Seafood Harbor Restaurant 279 El Camino Real, Millbrae, 415-692-9688

    more info (and other of my SF faves) at link below


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Thanks Jim - Seafood Harbor must be good - I saw that both you and Melanie were raving about it. Now if I could only get my mother to try chicken feet!

      1. re: Celery

        as an aside about a couple things on jim's whirlwind tour:

        every year at christmas we celebrate with at least one full on everything available meal from la palma. it's a tradition that i've passed on even to my clients. and he's not kidding about the papusas. the grease from the cheese drips from chin to elbow, but i Cannot even get to the car without eating one.

        sorry he didn't mention St. Francis soda fountain in the same block. ridiculously good peanut brittle, which halloween would never be without, they make their own rocky road, it's all pink(the place, not the candy) and looks like it's still 1956 inside. the candy counter is small but packed and the chocolate good and handmade.

        on truly mediterranean on haight st: we eat there all the time. it's for everyone. vegetarians get huge falafel shwarmas, we always opt for the lamb shwarmas ( without the tons of)raw onion, extra hot harrisa and tahini sauce and a mediterranean combo plate that has hummus, baba g., falafel, feta cheese, dolmas, tabouli and cucumber salad along with grilled pita bread-we get extra bread the plate is so big you run out if you don't. dinner to stuff two is around $20 without tip or drinks.

        1. re: Rochelle

          I was treated badly at St. Francis Ice Cream once, and never went back (especially after finding the superb Mitchell's Ice Cream nearby, which is enough joy for any hound).

          Note: when you refer to an article or feature elsewhere on the site, it'd help for readers-along to either link to it below your message (tutorial on how that's done at or at least mention its name and location....otherwise nobody knows what you're referring to. I've linked the article in question below.


          1. re: Jim Leff

            forgive my innocence in these matters. the tutorials do really help as we have had our computer less than 6 mo. and im still learning the earliest of basics.

            thanks Jim, and sorry for your experience. next time you're here i'll go in and retrieve the goodies for you, for they definately are worth eating, but i do agree with you about bad service. nothing turns me off more, it can truely ruin the best of meals. And Mitchell's is Way better ice cream, you're right. it's just that peanut brittle and fresh rocky road and haystacks that get me every time. and the bakery down on the corner? oh!dear God! macroons that are sent from heaven. enuf, enuf!

            1. re: Rochelle

              Quick note....if you have any tech questions about using the site, please feel very free to ask for help on our Site Talk board. Don't be bashful...we were all newbies once!

          2. re: Rochelle
            Caitlin McGrath

            Truly Med is truly great, though I've only ever been to the 16th St one. Fun trivia about that location: I have a good friend who is a serious regular there, knows all the staff, and gets a real kick out of speaking Spanish with the couple of Latino guys, French with the Morrocan guy (who has a really interesting life story, was a journalist, had political problems...), etc. I went in with my friend when I was out there in June, and though it was busy, he introduced me to every person working that evening...

          3. re: Celery

            There are two dim sum items that I think Seafood Harbor really excels at - the deep-fried taro dumpling and the bon tong gow dumpling with soup inside.