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Jul 6, 2001 07:25 PM

French feta

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Help! I am trying to remember the brand name of a wonderful French feta cheese that is pretty widely available in Middle Eastern specialty stores. It is sold in a 1,5 pound can that has a white background with green and black leterring, a good deal of the labelling is in Arabic.
It is also sold out of the "barrel", which is actually a plastic lined cardboard box or even in individual plastic bags at Costco (!) Thanks.

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  1. maybe Haig's on clement would know if you gave them a call.

    Haig's Delicacies
    642 clement st.

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    1. re: Rochelle

      It is called Valbreso and it is the creamiest and zestiest feta I have ever tasted. It puts all standard grocery store brands to shame and it is not much more expensive. It is available at Rose's International Market on Castro in Mountain View as well as the International Food Bazaar in San Jose at Union. It comes in both cans and from the "barrel".
      To see the can design please link to

      1. re: Ken Hoffman

        Another place you may wanna try is the Supermarket on the corner of Irving and to Sunshine Deli. They have quite a large variety of fetas and other middle eastern cheeses....
        Bulgarian feta is my favorite kind. The cheese shop on Irving and 11th has a nice one too.

    2. Yes, French feta is very nice. Of the lot, french feta is soothingly mild with the least saltiness. However, if you want a little more punch, you should try the Bulgarian feta, which is considered the premium feta. It has a great tanginess and a very creamy texture (less crumbly). If you want something in between, there's some very good Greek fetas available. Most people don't realize that feta is always a sheep's milk cheese (unless it's indicated as goat's feta -- as is the New Zealand variety -- or unless you get the American-made supermarket stuff that is invariably cow's milk). Anyhow, you can probably find a small variety of these fetas at a reputable gourmet or natural food market, but I'll point you towards 24th Street Cheese in Noe Valley which I know carry all of those fetas plus a few more. I hate to sound like a shill for that place, but I did work there eons ago.