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Jul 6, 2001 05:15 PM

Need great place for dinner for group of 20 academicians

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I am looking at a nice restaurant that can accomodate a group of 20 on a Thursday night. We are taking out a number of presenters at our upcoming conference on Medical Consequences of Substance Abuse and want someplace somewhat quiet, good food, mid-range price, a private room would be nice.

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  1. For 20 people on a Thursday night you might be able to get the VIP room at the Empress of China on Grant Ave. I have hosted many meetings there, and the ambiance is great, view of Telegraph Hill, moderately priced Chinese Banquet fare. Whether you can have the room to yourself may depend on many facts, but you might call the banquet manager (used to be Jimmy Wong) and work something out. He can give you a menu and price for 2 tables, and you might be able to furnish your own booze...Oops, libations.